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☑ Strong cleaning performance you cannot afford to miss
☑ A vacuum for tile and carpet that’s available at a low price
☑ The overall performance is incredible
☑ It comes with a simple and comprehensive bundle
☑ It includes a remote control
☑ Packed with varied cleaning modes

Last updated on May 24, 2020 6:23 am

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $100 - $150

Group Rank : #7( out of 9 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #63( out of 75 Pure Robot Vacuum )


Average score in Pure Robot Vacuum


Best Score in Pure Robot Vacuum



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Max Run Time (min) 140 98.89 below average
90 96.79 below average
Battery Charge Time (min) 180 233.33 below average
240 205 Above average
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 2153 1399.25 below average
N/A 1390 below average
Suction Power 1400 1100 Above average
1200 1254.67 below average
Noise Level (dB) 50 62.58 Best
50 60.34 Best
Threshold climbing (inch) N/A N/A Best
N/A 0.44 below average
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2600 2385.71 below average
2200 2220 below average
Dust Bin capacity (mL) 900 500 Best
900 449.88 Best
Weight (lb) 4.85 7.26 Above average
6.61 7.12 below average
Warranty 12 12 Best
12 12 Best
Robot Height 2.6 3.24 below average
3.78 3.64 Above average


The Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides surprising performance despite its affordable price. When looking for the least expensive vacuum for tile and carpet, don’t search further than this amazing robot from Tenergy.

Here are the other features it provides:

Simple and Addicting Design

The Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides a design similar to the Eufy RoboVac 11 and the Esovacs Deebot N79. Although the overall look is simple, the number of noteworthy features is still available.

Just like the other vacuums for tile and carpet, the Otis comes with a circular shape and without physical buttons. The vacuum’s information will appear on the top interface once it’s on.

Features of  TENERGY OTIS :

High Aesthetic Value

This Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner has been creating a buzz because of its clean look and curb value. That’s not all! The touchscreen is a good addition.

A Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner for Tile and Carpet

Who would have thought that an affordable Tenergy Otis robot vacuum cleaner could provide different cleaning modes? Yes, you heard it right! From auto cleaning, edge cleaning, spot cleaning to double cleaning, the Otis has them all. You can likewise turn on the mode for turbo cleaning when the need arises.

Scheduled Cleaning

What makes the Otis worth the investment is that it has the capacity to set a scheduled cleaning. As a user, you can make a schedule. Whether you’re in the office or mall, it will operate without a manual operation. From there, it will dock to recharge.

A Comprehensive Bundle

This robot vacuum is packed with a number of extra accessories and parts. It consists of a remote control, charger, side brushes, cleaning tool, and HEPA filters, making it a worthwhile investment everyone cannot afford to miss.

Turbo Cleaning Power

Pet hair can lead to a range of health dangers. These include parasitic infections, allergy, asthma, and a weak immune system. Pet hair also has bacteria that can cause salmonella, e-coli, and diarrhea. But don’t worry as Otis from Tenergy has a turbo cleaning power, making it an ideal robot vacuum for pet hair. Thanks to its 1200PA suction power. It can also handle wood floors, carpet, and tile with ease.

Price History


Additional information


Floor Type
Low Pile Carpet

Medium Pile Carpet

High Pile Carpet

Hardwood floors

Laminated Floors


Vinyl Floors

Amazon Alexa

APP control

Google Assistant

Remote Control

Voice Control


Filters and Brushes
Pet Hair Removal

UV Sterilization

HEPA filter

Roller/Main Brush

Side Brush(es)

Dirt Detection Sensor

Cliff Sensor

Adjustable Suction

Anti-collision Sensor

Full Bin Indicator

Virtual Wall/Blocker/Magnetic Strip/Block Plus/Other similar

Smart Phone App
Digital Boundary Marker/ Blocked Area/ No-go Lines

Spot cleaning

Multi-floor Maps

Manual Movement control

Advanced Features
Automatic Dirt Disposal

Self Recharging

Resume after recharge

Crawler drive

Protective Bumpers

LCD/LED display


Path planning/mapping

Edge Cleaning

Washable Filter

Wet Mopping

Dry Mopping

Max Run Time (min)


Battery Charge Time (min)


Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)


Suction Power


Noise Level (dB)


Threshold climbing (inch)

General info
Dust Bin capacity (mL)

Weight (lb)


Robot Height


Robot Width (in)

Shape of The Robot



What types of surfaces can this floor robot clean?

This vacuum for tile and carpet can also clean hard floors. Instead of mopping the type of surfaces you have at home, the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable option to have. Within minutes, you can have dust-free floors and comfortable carpet, making it an ideal place for your kids.

Can Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner adjust to different floor surfaces?

Yes, this vacuum for tile and carpet can adjust to a variety of floor surfaces. While this boosts the comfort of your living space, it also saves your time, cash, and effort. It is a versatile and strong cleaning device you deserve.

How strong is the suction?

The suction power is around 1200Pa. whether you have tiles, carpets, or wood floors, it can handle all your cleaning tasks. That’s not all! It can get rid of pet hair, dust, and other dirt particles. When searching for a turbo cleaning power, this device is experts-recommended.

What type of dirt can this robot vacuum pick up?

Not all vacuums can deal with pet hair and other debris. But Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner is different. More than the animal hairballs, it won’t miss food crumbs and other everyday dirt, making your living space well-ventilated and risk-free.

How big is the dirt bin?

Most vacuum cleaners have 2L of the dust bin. The good news is that the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Clean prides itself with a 9L dust bin. It can pick a large amount of dirt or dust every day. Also, the disposal of waste won’t be troublesome.

Can it do both dry and wet cleaning?

No, the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not specialise in wet cleaning. It’s perfect for all your dry-cleaning tasks. From the hardwood floor, carpet to tiles, it’s one of the best solutions to weigh in mind.

What brushes are there on the machine? What are they for?

The Otis from Tenergy is packed with a helix design main brush to guarantee a deeper carpet cleaning. But wait, there’s more! It is built with a dual sweeping side brush to push the dust and dirt to the center.

Can I make a schedule and have the robot vacuum my house when I am gone?

Yes, you can activate or control Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a quality and easy to use the remote controller. You can also create or set routine cleaning schedules to avoid the hassle of regular vacuuming.

Can I use a Smart Phone App to control this device?

No, you cannot use an application to control this vacuum for tile and carpet. Although it’s traditional, it’s perfect for those who are less tech-savvy. With a tap of your finger of the remote control, you can operate the tool without hassles.

Does this automatic vacuum connect to my Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

It’s fun to connect your vacuum to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner, however, does not support this feature. Still, its performance is superb, making the cost worth it.

Is there automatic charging?

Yes. Once it cleans hard floors and carpets, it will dock to recharge or refuel. It’s easy, isn’t it? Before the battery empties, it will return back to its charging dock. After a few hours, it’s ready for another scheduled cleaning.

How long does it take to charge the battery on this robot vacuum?

It only takes 4 or 5 hours to recharge. While waiting, it’s time to prepare the carpet, tiles, or hardwood floors. Remove the possible obstacles ahead of time. You can also do other chores or finish some paper works.

What is the maximum battery runtime of the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

After at least 4 hours charging, the battery has a runtime of 90 minutes. That means you can get rid of food crumbs on carpets and dirt particles on hard floors. For a heavy-duty task, remember that the runtime might decrease.

Can the robot vacuum cross over a door sill? If so, how high?

Yes, it can cross over a door sill, which is not more than 3.75 inches. But a door sill that measures around 4 inches can be an obstacle. Lift it to clean other rooms

Will it clean underneath home or office furniture?

Yes, it can clean underneath the furniture, from a table, sofa to a cabinet. Say bye to complicated house cleaning and be ready to save your time. The Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner can get the job done for your comfort.

Is there an anti-collision feature?

When a vacuum for carpet or tile crashes to a table or chair, it might get a scratch and other expensive issue. The Otis from Tenergy has an anti-collision feature that avoids such potential problems. But don’t overlook the importance of proper usage and maintenance.

Will the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner mark my furniture when it bumps into it?

No, it won’t mark your luxury furniture when it bumps into it. It is made with a strong protective bumper and other special materials that can prevent a scratch from happening. Tenergy has also been improving its services to meet the customer’s changing demand and needs.

How does the robot vacuum deal with stairs? Will it fall down my stairs?

The Otis is equipped with edge-drop sensors that prevent it from driving off of stairs and other edges. When your existing device is inefficient, switch to Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner today. It’s available at a competitive rate that won’t cause a fortune. It’s cost-effective and durable, which can last for a year or more.

Is there any maintenance and cleaning required?

Just like the other vacuums for carpet and tile, Otis requires easy maintenance and cleaning. To remove the dust on its covering, a simple wipe can play a critical role. To know other information, please feel free to read the manual. When you need to replace the HEPA filter, contact a qualified specialist.

What is the warranty on this vacuum robot?

Tenergy has a 12-month warranty and a return policy for 30 days. When the product has some defects, return it to the ecommerce of your choice right away.

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