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Shark ION Robot 720 Floor Vacuum cleaner

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An accessible automatic vacuum cleaner;
☑ Can be controlled from a distance, with the help of remote control;
☑ Does a great job on most floor types;
☑ Smart sensors that will keep it from running into furniture;
☑ Allergy-friendly filters that will maintain clean air inside the house.

Last updated on July 10, 2020 4:48 pm

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $100 - $150

Group Rank : #6( out of 9 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #56( out of 75 Pure Robot Vacuum )


Average score in Pure Robot Vacuum


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Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Max Run Time (min) 140 98.89 below average
60 96.79 below average
Battery Charge Time (min) 180 233.33 Best
180 205 below average
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 2153 1399.25 below average
1076 1390 below average
Suction Power 1400 1100 below average
N/A 1254.67 below average
Noise Level (dB) 50 62.58 Above average
62 60.34 Above average
Threshold climbing (inch) N/A N/A Best
N/A 0.44 below average
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2600 2385.71 Best
2600 2220 Above average
Dust Bin capacity (mL) 900 500 below average
N/A 449.88 below average
Weight (lb) 4.85 7.26 below average
7.72 7.12 Above average
Warranty 12 12 Best
12 12 Best
Robot Height 2.6 3.24 Best
2.6 3.64 below average


Some Features of Shark ion 720 Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Great battery charging time and resistance during cleaning cycles

The Shark Ion 720 floor vacuum is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery, which is known to charge faster than other types of batteries and last for longer between charging cycles. So, the robot will be able to do a lot of cleaning with a fully charged battery.

You can sit on the couch and control the robot with the remote

While this Shark floor vacuum features buttons on its case, you don’t have to walk up to the robot to control it. You have a remote control at your service that allows to give commands and schedule the robot as desired.

Excellent cleaning results

Shark Ion 720 can provide outstanding cleaning results on hard and flat floors, regardless of their type. It can clean low pile carpets without problems as well. But carpets with high piles may turn to be too much for the rotating brushes and wheels of this slim-profile cleaning robot.

Detect dirt, keep it from bumping into obstacles, or falling off edges

The robot was created to clean the house with minimum assistance from your side. Thus, it is equipped with sensors that will help it detect dirt and debris on its way, keep it from bumping into furniture and obstacles, and keep it safe from falling off sharp edges or stairs.

HEPA filters that will keep allergens away from your nose

Equipped with HEPA filters, this robot will remove and retain particles that can trigger unwanted allergic episodes. In other words, you will breathe cleaner air with each cleaning cycle.

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Additional information

Specification: Shark ION Robot 720 Floor Vacuum cleaner

Floor Type
Low Pile Carpet

Medium Pile Carpet

High Pile Carpet

Hardwood floors

Laminated Floors


Vinyl Floors

Amazon Alexa

APP control

Google Assistant

Remote Control

Voice Control


Filters and Brushes
Pet Hair Removal

UV Sterilization

HEPA filter

Roller/Main Brush

Side Brush(es)

Dirt Detection Sensor

Cliff Sensor

Adjustable Suction

Anti-collision Sensor

Full Bin Indicator

Virtual Wall/Blocker/Magnetic Strip/Block Plus/Other similar

Smart Phone App
Digital Boundary Marker/ Blocked Area/ No-go Lines

Spot cleaning

Multi-floor Maps

Manual Movement control

Advanced Features
Automatic Dirt Disposal

Self Recharging

Resume after recharge

Crawler drive

Protective Bumpers

LCD/LED display


Path planning/mapping

Edge Cleaning

Washable Filter

Wet Mopping

Dry Mopping

Max Run Time (min)


Battery Charge Time (min)


Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)


Suction Power


Noise Level (dB)


Threshold climbing (inch)

General info
Dust Bin capacity (mL)

Weight (lb)


Robot Height


Robot Width (in)

Shape of The Robot




FACTs & FAQs: Shark Ion  Robot 720  Floor Vacuum cleaner


What types of surfaces can be cleaned by the Shark 720?

Shark 720 does an outstanding job on surfaces made out of hardwood, vinyl, and stone. It can also clean, without problems, carpets with a low pile.


Will the robot adjust its cleaning actions based on each type of floor?

The robot doesn’t have any special features that will adjust its cleaning processes according to floor type, but it will clean well a wide range of surfaces.


How strong is the suction of shark Ion 720 floor vacuum cleaner?

You don’t have to worry about high-density dirt and large particles, like cereals or rice, as the robot will detect and collect them. It is capable of returning and performing more cleaning in an area until the sensors tell it the area is clear.


What kind of dust or debris particles will be picked up by this Shark floor vacuum?

The robot can tackle a wide range of particles, so cleaning accidental spills on the floor, dirt, and dust will not be a problem. However, medium to large carpet piles and shoelaces can turn into an issue.


What’s the capacity of the dust bin?

It has a dust bin of 380 ml.


Can the robot be used for both dry and wet cleaning?

This Shark floor vacuum can offer dry cleaning only.


What’s the type of brushes used by the Shark floor vacuum?

The robot has a central brush roll that helps the robot retain all particles in its way and a pair of rotating brushes on the side, which helps the robot clean corners and edges.


Can this robot be scheduled, so it will clean even when I am not at home?

It is possible to set the robot to perform cleaning cycles days ahead, with the help of the remote control. The remote controls most of the robot’s function, so it should be kept in a safe and secure place.


Is there a mobile app that can be used for Shark Ion 720 robot vacuum?

No, there is no mobile app for this Shark model.


Is it possible to control the robot with Alexa or Google Home?

Because the robot cannot be connected to a Wi-Fi network, you cannot pair it with Alexa or Google Home.


Will this Shark floor vacuum charge automatically?

Yes, the robot will automatically charge its battery until it is completely charged.


How long does shark Ion 720 floor vacuum take to completely charge the battery?

The battery charging process can last between 2 and 3 hours.


For how long will the robot work with a fully charged battery?

In optimum conditions, the robot can function up to 70 minutes with a fully charged battery. But, in most cases, it will work 45 to 50 minutes.


Will it be able to go over door sills or will it turn around?

It can go over door sills if the door sills are not too high. The wheels of the robot should be able to climb over the door sill.


Will the robot clean the spaces under the furniture?

The robot has a height of 2.6 inches, so it will be able to clean the spaces under the furniture if the furniture is higher than the robot.


Are there risks for the Shark floor vacuum to bump into the furniture?

This Shark floor vacuum has an effective navigating system that keeps it from bumping into the furniture.


Will Shark Ion 720 floor vacuum scratch the furniture in the event of an accidental bump?

The robot is equipped with a protective bumper, in case accidental bumps happen, so your furniture will not get scratched or marked.


Are there risks for this Shark floor vacuum to fall off the stairs?

The navigation system of the robot will prevent it from falling off stairs, as the Shark 720 constantly adapts to the path in its way.


What’s the level of cleaning or maintenance required by Ion 720 shark vacuum cleaner?

You will have to keep the dust bin empty, in order to allow the robot to clean the house properly. Also, you should keep an eye on the filter as well, for maximum efficiency in retaining allergens and fine particles. And, periodically, you should check the brushes.


What kind of warranty accompanies the robot?

The Shark 720 is provided with a 12-months warranty certificate.

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