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Oransi Max HEPA air purifier

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☑ Three-stage filtration procedure with pre-filter, HEPA filter and Carbon filter
☑ Nighttime ultra-silent operation with 34dB sound rating
☑ Intelligent sensor module that monitors air quality
☑ It is designed for very larger areas that is a unique trait of Oransi Max
☑ It has an official warranty duration of ten (10) years

Last updated on July 6, 2020 7:04 am

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $401 - $500

Group Rank : #2( out of 3 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #40( out of 85 Air purifier )


Average score in Air purifier


Best Score in Air purifier



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
CADR (Clean air delivery rate) 230 230 Best
230 184.33 Above average
CADR Dust 231 231 below average
N/A 164.7 below average
CADR tobocco smoke 220 220 below average
N/A 163.45 below average
CADR pollen 245 245 below average
N/A 176.64 below average
Air changes per hour 0 N/A Best
N/A 2.8 below average
Energy consumption [Watt] 90 120 Best
90 65.6 Above average
Room Size 600 470.5 Best
600 332.98 Above average
Noise level [db]-Air purifier 28 31 below average
34 41.09 below average
Airpurifier weight [lb] 5.91 16.44 below average
18.5 13.22 Above average
Warranty [Months] 120 56 Best
120 42 Best


Features of Oransi Max

Air purifiers are playing a crucial role in rectifying the air problems. In this 21st century, technology has achieved a lot but our society has lost several things and clean air is one of them. Earth is losing its resources rapidly and most of the social components have collapsed. In coming years, air pollution could reach a catastrophic situation and that’s why it is essential to counter it. Air cleaners not only purifies air but these are good for human health. Oransi Max is designed for larger areas with HEPA filtration procedure that is quite effective for Asthma Mold, allergies and dust particles. This air cleaner provides purified air to human lungs that is beneficial for other organs as well. Let’s move to next section to have a look at explicit features and purification system of this cleaner.

HEPA Filtration Procedure

HEPA filters are the backbone of every air cleaner because it offers faster results with maximum efficacy. This HEPA filter is designed in such a way that it gives much quieter and smoother performance. It generates limited sound of 34 to 53 dB but the competitor HEPA filters go above 70dB at higher settings. Therefore, it is effective in providing better sleep and rest. HEPA filter capture 98% of airborne pollutants such as dust, mold spores, pollen, tobacco smoke, and pet hair & dander. Activated carbon filter also traps several dangerous gases, smoke and odors. Due to these reasons, Oransi max HEPA air purifier is best choice for most of the users.

Quiet Operation with Variable Speeds

Nowadays, a large proportion of air cleaners is quiet and gives an ultra-silent performance during night time. It is a much-needed attribute because ambient noise can be uncomfortable for some individuals. On the other hand, ambient noise can disturb conversation between several people. Hence, these devices should generate minimal sound to give enhanced comfort to client.
Quiet operation is only possible with variable speed because fan speed defines sound ratings. During the night mode, the fan speed is kept at lower RPM so that there is no ambient noise at all.

Intelligent Sensors and Automatic Mode

Intelligent sensors are now very usual because the fabrication cost of these sensors has decreased vigorously. Using these sensors in the air cleaner gives reliability and user-friendliness to the buyer. It is not an easy task for a buyer to understand the settings of the device and adjust them every time. An intelligent sensor takes care of everything automatically and it modifies fan speed and filtration process according to it. On the bases of perilous particles remaining in the air, auto mode changes the settings of the device.

Ideal Room Capacity

One of the best elements about Oransi Max air purifier is that it is fabricated for larger areas. A device that tends to cover a larger area must have higher ambient noise but this air cleaner doesn’t go beyond 55 dB mark. That’s quite exceptional because cleaning very large areas silently is bigger attainment. This oransi max hepa air purifier is ideal for bigger rooms, offices, and bigger places with an AHAM certified area of 600 square feet.

Auto On/Off Timer

This Oransi product has programmable on/off timer feature. User can adjust the timer setting in between 1-12 hours. The device counts the timer and automatically shuts down when a specific time passes. This feature can be availed in the night time or when user is travelling.

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Additional information

Specification: Oransi Max HEPA air purifier



Mold spores



Bacteria and viruses

Chemical and gas fumes

Odros and smells

Pet dender

CADR rating

CADR (Clean air delivery rate)




CADR tobocco smoke


CADR pollen


Air changes per hour


Energy consumption [Watt]


Room Size


Noise level [db]-Air purifier


Filters & Sensors
Hepa fliter

True hepa Filter

Air quality sensors

Carbon filter

Filter replacement indicators


Washable pre filter

Other useful
Carrying handle


Digital control

Night light

Programmable timer

Technology-Air purifier
0.3µm particle removal (%)


Antimicrobial treatment

Ozone free

Photocatalytic oxidation

Plasma wave technology

Airpurifier Height [inch]


Airpurifier Length [inch]


Airpurifier weight [lb]


Airpurifier Width [inch]


Warranty [Months]


Wireless controls

Amazon Alexa-Air

Google Assistant-Air

App Control-Air

Remote Control-Air

Voice Control-Air


What is the sound assessment of this product in decibel?

The official sound assessment of this product ranges from 34 to 53dB. In the nigh mode, the device is quite as it only generates 34dB that is almost inaudible.

Is this product advantageous in removing my pet contaminations?

Yes, three filtration stages can easily remove any pet contaminations such as pet dander & hair.

What is the lifespan of filters being used in Oransi Max?

There are two filters that should be changed after a specific time period. Pre-filter last for almost 12 months however HEPA filter last for 12-18 months that depends on the usage.

Can the client wash the Oransi pre-filter?

No, only permanent filters can be washed; washing pre-filter or HEPA filter will damage them completely.

What is the catalogue of required maintenance?

Both the pre-filter and HEPA filter should be replaced with a new one. Apart from that, there is no maintenance required for Oransi Max.

What is the flawless position for Oransi Max to give extended efficiency?

It is highly suggested that air purifiers shouldn’t be placed near household products. As these household products will block the airflow of Oransi Max and airflow is directly proportional to the performance of the device.

What is the catalogue of eradicated contaminations?

Most of the contaminations are removed by HEPA filter that is the main filter in air purifiers. It can easily eradicate dust, mold spores, pollen, bacteria, pet dander and pet hairs.

Can the user move this product easily from one point to another?

The total weight of Oransi Max is 19 pounds (8.6 kg) with a product size of 20 x 11 x 25.5 inches. With this size and weight, the product can be easily carried from one point to another.

What is a singular attribute of Oransi Max?

One of the best traits of this product is the extended coverage area or room capacity. It can easily cover bedrooms, offices and living areas up to 600 square feet.

Who can be the ideal purchaser for this product?

All those individuals who are allergic to dust, smoke and other small particles define the market volume of air purifiers. Moreover, parents purchase these products for their children to give them clean air to breathe.

What is the official power utilisation of this machine?

This product utilises 90 watts power at high settings. However, if it’s working on lower settings, it will consume lower power as compared with peak power usage.

What is tested room capacity of Oransi max HEPA air purifier?

The ideal room capacity for this ionic air cleaner is 600 square feet that is quite large area. That’s why this device utilises 90 watts power when it’s working at high profile.

Is this product equipped with any wireless device?

No, it is not equipped with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With the price tag of this product, it should have wireless integration.

What is the length of assurance?

Only one element meets the price of this unit and that is the duration of assurance. This product comes with 10 years official warranty in which corporation will fix faulty parts.

What kind of filters are placed in this air cleaner?

There are three stages of filters that are embedded for cleaning purposes. Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter provide flawless and rapid cleaning with 99% efficacy.

How many variable speed options are installed in Oransi Max?

There are four fan speeds available in this product. A client can simply adjust the required fan speed or select the auto mode to activate smart sensors.

Is this product perfectly safe from releasing ozone?

This product has received various certificates from GS, ETL, CE and Ozone Safe certification by California Air Resources Board.

Does this device have a programmable timer?

Yes, it has a programmable timer that has variable settings between 1-12 hours.

What is the necessity of indicator/notification light? Does this device have any notification light?

There is an electronic display installed on top of this product to show air quality monitored by a sensor. Apart from that, a filter replacement indicator notifies about the life of filter.

Can the user control it with remote-controller?

No, there is not any remote-control option for this device.

What is the amount of CADR for various contaminations?

This product has CADR certification with a CADR rating of 230 cfm.

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