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Oransi Finn (OVHT9908)-UV Air Purifier

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☑ Easy to move and lightweight
☑ Extended life of 12 months
☑ Quiet operation
☑ Filter indicator
☑ V-Seal/ V-Lock
☑ 2 Stage HEPA Filtration + UV

Last updated on June 19, 2020 2:49 am

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Price Range : $201 - $300

Group Rank : #9( out of 9 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #51( out of 85 Air purifier )


Average score in Air purifier


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Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
CADR (Clean air delivery rate) 680 316.8 below average
140 184.33 below average
CADR Dust 400 266.29 below average
N/A 164.7 below average
CADR tobocco smoke 400 243.43 below average
N/A 163.45 below average
CADR pollen 400 273.29 below average
N/A 176.64 below average
Air changes per hour 5 5 below average
N/A 2.8 below average
Energy consumption [Watt] 43 56.8 Above average
N/A 65.6 below average
Room Size 620 405.22 below average
400 332.98 Above average
Noise level [db]-Air purifier 23 38.83 below average
40 41.09 below average
Airpurifier weight [lb] 10 16.89 Best
10 13.22 below average
Warranty [Months] 120 54.67 Best
120 42 Best


Maintaining and providing your home, office, or room with fresh and clean air to breathe is a need daily. Free your area from any harmful chemicals and particles that can be breathed and cause any diseases, specifically respiratory-related. Good thing, the Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) UV  air purifier is the only equipment that you need and will guarantee you with satisfying service.  .

It offers a lot of features that can surely elevate not only the quality of air in your room but also the quality of your life. One of those is that Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) air purifier is lightweight and can be moved elsewhere easily.

It is made from quality materials wherein the weight is considered as one of the factors to provide the customers with an easy moving of it from a place to another one.

Features of Oransi Finn (OVHT9908):

Quiet Operation

Who would like it to have an air purifier that causes a lot of sounds that can disturb and disorient the people living inside? Fortunately, the creators of the Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) had formulated a system that does not make any sound to keep the quality of relaxation.

The only thing that can be felt once this air purifier is turned on is the fresh and cool air that had been purified and guaranteed safe by the Oransi Finn (OVHT9908).

Room Coverage

The Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) has a wide scope of effectiveness, which can cover the whole room or indoor. This UV air purifier can cover a room up to 400 sq ft or 20’ x 20’.

Bedrooms or offices should maintain a cool and fresh air to breathe.

Night Mode

Just like any other air purifiers in the market, the Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) UV air purifieralso has a night mode. The night mode aids and supports a relaxing and peaceful sleep for the users.

By simply pushing the button 3 of this equipment, you can now enjoy the night mode feature it provides.


One of the most exceptional features of this Oransi air purifier is the HEPA filter it has to clean and guarantee the safety of air it provides.

The filters of this air purifier are made with quality and safe products that aim to provide the users with satisfying results and elevated quality of living.

Filter Indicator

Alongside with the filters, the Oransi air purifier also has its filter indicator. It helps in removing any allergy, harmful particles, dust, pollen, and other else in the air indoor.

The filter indicator sends a signal or alert the user to replace the filters. The filter indicator makes it more sensible and easy for the user to use and benefit from it.

V-Seal/ V-Lock

This uv air purifier from Oransi guarantees a filtered and clean air for bedrooms, office, living area, or other else.

The V-Seal feature helps in filtering the air without leaving any by-pass air that can increase the risk not only of allergies but also asthma and other respiratory-related problems.

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Additional information

Specification: Oransi Finn (OVHT9908)-UV Air Purifier



Mold spores



Bacteria and viruses

Chemical and gas fumes

Odros and smells

Pet dender

CADR rating

CADR (Clean air delivery rate)




CADR tobocco smoke


CADR pollen


Air changes per hour


Energy consumption [Watt]


Room Size


Noise level [db]-Air purifier


Filters & Sensors
Hepa fliter

True hepa Filter

Air quality sensors

Carbon filter

Filter replacement indicators


Washable pre filter

Other useful
Carrying handle


Digital control

Night light

Programmable timer

Technology-Air purifier
0.3µm particle removal (%)


Antimicrobial treatment

Ozone free

Photocatalytic oxidation

Plasma wave technology

Airpurifier Height [inch]


Airpurifier Length [inch]


Airpurifier weight [lb]


Airpurifier Width [inch]


Warranty [Months]


Wireless controls

Amazon Alexa-Air

Google Assistant-Air

App Control-Air

Remote Control-Air

Voice Control-Air


Does it contribute to noise pollution?

No. This air purifier does not contribute to noise pollution due to its quiet operation. However, you can still adjust the noise depending on what you want.

Will this air purifier be helpful to my pets?

Yes. Pets also need fresh and clean air to breathe; that is why this air purifier is designed not only for the human but also for them.

How frequently the filters need to be changed?

The filter can last for 6 months.

Can the prefilter be reused? Is it washable?

Yes, the prefilter of this air purifier can be reused, and it is washable.

Does it need any maintenance?

. The Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) does not need any high maintenance. It can be cleaned easily with a soft damp cloth.

What is the lifespan of the pre-filter?

The filter of this Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) air purifier can last for 6 months of service.

Where to put this Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) for more effectiveness?

The Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) can be placed in an area wherein it can accommodate and cover the whole environment indoor.

What are the particles of dirt that can be removed by this air purifier?

This Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) can remove any kind of particles or impurities that can produce unhealthy and unsafe air. It can remove dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, pet dirt, odor, and other else.

Is it portable? Is it lightweight?

This air purifier is portable through its size, which is only 10’ x 22’ x 7,’ and it only weighs a total of 10 lbs.

Does it have any special features?

The Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) uses the HEPA filter to support a well-filtered and guaranteed safe air to breathe. It is responsible for filtering the air by removing the presence of dust, pollen, and other particles that can bring harm to the user’s health.

Who should buy this air purifier?

The Oransi Finn (OVHT9908) can be bought and used by anyone who has the concern of unfiltered air inside their homes, office, or other else. It doesn’t emit any harmful particle that is why, even for the baby room, it can be placed inside. It can be placed in any area of a certain place for it to filter the air within the place and make it much more effective and engaging to live in.

What is the recommended time of charge of this air purifier?

This air purifier can be charged with 15 to 90 watts only for approximately 30 minutes until it got fully charged. Exceeding the time limit of charging, it can produce problems such as malfunction.

What is the room capacity of this air purifier?

This air purifier can make your place conducive to live in. It can cover up to 254 sq. ft.

Does it have any wireless control?

This air purifier comes with a remote that can be easily used.

What is the warranty?

This air purifier has a 1-year warranty, which is surely beneficial for the users. Experiencing any problem or malfunction of the equipment can be brought immediately from its store or suppliers for a free remedy or solution to the problem.

What is the filter used in this air purifier?

This air purifier uses the HEPA Filter which is great with areas that need the refreshment of the environment. It is proven safe for babies and other else.

Is the speed of this air purifier adjustable?

This air purifier does have an adjustable speed which makes it effective for the consumers to use.

Does it emit ozone?

No, it does not emit any ozone. It is guaranteed safe for the environment.

Does it have a remote control?

. No, unfortunately, the developers of this air purifier are not yet using a remote control for easy and effective control of this equipment. It has buttons and other settings that can be pressed to change the settings of it.

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