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Liectroux A335 Robot Vacuum

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☑ One of the most high-end hard floor sweepers on the market
☑ an auto-cleaning feature
☑ Spot cleaning for effective and intensive concentration
☑ Clean the edges of the hard floor and other types of surfaces
☑ It is convenient for homeowners with different needs and requirements

Last updated on February 25, 2020 9:01 am

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $151 - $250

Group Rank : #19( out of 24 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #52( out of 67 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum )


Average score in Multifunctional Robot Vacuum


Best Score in Multifunctional Robot Vacuum



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Max Run Time (min) 150 108.75 Above average
120 108.42 Above average
Battery Charge Time (min) 200 262.17 Above average
240 245 below average
Battery Capacity (mAh) 5200 2669.57 below average
2200 2380.56 below average
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 2368 1604.05 below average
N/A 1476.63 below average
Suction Power 3000 1354.71 below average
N/A 1134.39 below average
Noise Level (dB) 40 58.16 Above average
45 55.57 below average
Threshold climbing (inch) 0.59 0.59 Above average
N/A 0.43 below average
Dust Bin capacity (mL) 800 496.67 below average
300 520.5 below average
Weight (lb) 4.63 7.22 Above average
7.05 6.43 Above average
Robot Height 2.91 4.02 Above average
3.43 3.66 below average
Warranty 12 12 Best
12 12 Best


Before, cleaning hard floors and other types of surfaces was stressful. From mopping the floor to applying sanitizers. But times have changed today. Thanks to Liectroux A335 as house cleaning becomes less daunting and more convenient. Unlike the other hard floor sweepers, the A335 stands out because of its ease of use and incredible performance.

Features of Liectroux A335 :

Other outstanding features are listed below:

Packed with a HEPA Filter

Liectroux A335 comes with a HEPA filter designed to sterilize different particles with ultraviolet radiation, making the air fresher and healthier for babies and the elderly. Pollution is everywhere nowadays. Homes are even not safe. That’s why the A335 has been developed to lessen the risks and bring up safety to a different level.

A multi-purpose Tool

Liectroux A335 has been receiving a widespread popularity because it is an effective hard floor sweeper. The truth is that A335 is flexible, which in turn reaches everyone’s expectations. Aside from the hard floor, it can handle marble, short-haired carpets, and other types of wood. Whether you have carpets or marble-packed floors, you have come to the right place!

Stair Detection

Before, the lack of stair detection in hard floor sweepers was a big concern. But things have changed today. Liectroux A335 has a stair detection, which in turn saves your time and reduces efforts. While you’re doing other chores, the A335 can clean the floor and short-haired carpets without falling from the stairs.

Available at a Competitive Rate

For the past years, hard floor sweepers have been receiving a high demand from the public. It’s no surprise as it makes cleaning less tedious and more comfortable. With interest among the people, some brands are available at a hefty price. Liectroux A335, on the other hand, is far different. Although excellent performance has been associated with its name, it comes with an affordable rate. Whether you’re searching for a cost-effective and quality solution, don’t look further than the A335 from Liectroux.

Sleek Design

Most hard floor sweepers can restore the carpet’s functionality and clean any surfaces. However, they are not stylish. As a homeowner, it’s imperative to choose a durable, functional, and aesthetic brand just like Liectroux A335. It is a worthwhile investment that you can boast to your relatives and friends.

Price History

Price history for (Ship From Russia) LIECTROUX A335 Multifunction robot vacuum cleaner with mop, Schedule,2Way Virtual Blocker,SelfCharge with LCD
Latest updates:
  • $187.58 - January 12, 2020
  • $334.96 - January 10, 2020
  • $187.58 - November 15, 2019
  • $334.96 - November 12, 2019
  • $187.58 - October 30, 2019
  • $334.96 - September 21, 2019
Since: September 21, 2019
  • Highest Price: $334.96 - September 21, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $187.58 - October 30, 2019

Additional information

Specification: Liectroux A335 Robot Vacuum

Floor Type
Low Pile Carpet

Medium Pile Carpet

High Pile Carpet

Hardwood floors

Laminated Floors


Vinyl Floors

Amazon Alexa

APP control

Google Assistant

Remote Control

Voice Control


Filters and Brushes
Pet Hair Removal

UV Sterilization

HEPA filter

Roller/Main Brush

Side Brush(es)

Dirt Detection Sensor

Cliff Sensor

Adjustable Suction

Anti-collision Sensor

Full Bin Indicator

Virtual Wall/Blocker/Magnetic Strip/Block Plus/Other similar

Smart Phone App
Digital Boundary Marker/ Blocked Area/ No-go Lines

Spot cleaning

Multi-floor Maps

Manual Movement control

Advanced Features
Automatic Dirt Disposal

Self Recharging

Resume after recharge

Crawler drive

Protective Bumpers

LCD/LED display


Path planning/mapping

Edge Cleaning

Washable Filter

Wet Mopping

Dry Mopping

Max Run Time (min)


Battery Charge Time (min)


Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)


Suction Power


Noise Level (dB)


Threshold climbing (inch)

General info
Dust Bin capacity (mL)

Weight (lb)


Robot Height


Robot Width (in)

Shape of The Robot



What types of surfaces can this floor robot clean?

The Liectroux A335 won’t be popular as a flexible hard floor sweeper for nothing. Aside from hardwood floors, it can clean laminated floors, vinyl floors, and tiles. The A335 is also perfect for low pile carpet, making it a meaningful investment for everyone.

Can Liectroux A335 robot vacuum adjust to different floor surfaces?

Of course, yes! From short-haired carpet to hardwood floor, it shifts automatically, which in turn reduces effort. While the vacuum gets rid of dirt particles from any surfaces, you can buy groceries and finish your paperwork in the office.

How strong is the suction?

The suction can get rid of any debris, from dust, dirt to pet dander. Although the suction power is not stated in the packaging, the Liectroux A335 can perform well. With proper use and maintenance, it can last for a year or more.

What type of dirt can this robot vacuum pick up?

Dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris are common at home or even in the office, making the cleaning process difficult. The good news is that there’s a Liectroux A335 for all. Whether you encounter a trouble cleaning dirt or dust particles, the A335 comes to your rescue.

How big is the bin?

The dirt bin has a capacity of 300 ml. it’s quite small, isn’t it? So, it’s important to dispose of the dirt over and over again. However, it can be a good exercise, and you don’t even need to hit the gym to lose a pound.

Can it do both dry and wet cleaning?

No. the Liectroux A335 can only deal with wet cleaning. For those who have a hard floor sweeper for dry cleaning, consider the A335 for all your wet mopping needs.

What brushes are there on the machine? What are they for?

The hard floor sweeper includes a roller/main brush for most cleaning tasks. The side brushes, on the contrary, are developed for the edges and sides.

Can I make a schedule and have the robot vacuum my house when I am gone?

Of course, yes. You can schedule the chore. Although you’re not around, the machine starts to work without a manual operation. Then, it stops automatically when it removes all dirt particles.

Can I use a smartphone app to control this device?

Who would have thought that we could now control hard floor sweepers through our smartphone? The Liectroux A335, however, does not have any application. It only comes with a remote control. Yes, it’s traditional, but it’s ideal for those who are less tech-savvy.

Does this automatic vacuum connect to my Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

No. since it does not have a Wi-Fi feature, it won’t connect to your Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other applications. Look for other excellent alternatives for your comfort and peace of mind.

Does it charge automatically?

Yes. As soon as the battery empties, it starts to recharge itself and resumes the job after recharge. Instead of going back and forth to set a vacuum, this can reduce the burden and avoid discomfort.

How long does it take to charge the battery on this robot vacuum?

In order to work at its best, the Liectroux A335 needs at least 4 hours to recharge. It’s long, isn’t it? But don’t be discouraged as that period can be a good opportunity to do other daily tasks. After 240 minutes, it’s ready to go.

What is the maximum battery runtime of the Liectroux A335?

The hard floor sweeper can only last for 120 minutes. But it might increase or decrease depending on your usage. For a heavy-duty work, it might affect the maximum battery runtime. For a light-duty cleaning, the vacuum might last for another minute.

Can the robot vacuum cross over a door sill? If so, how high?

Yes. The hard floor sweeper faces no problems when moving over a door sill. However, it should not be 4 inches tall as the vacuum might consider it an obstacle.

Will it clean underneath the furniture?

Yes. The Liectroux A335 is only around 3.43, enabling it to move underneath a piece of furniture. So, you don’t need to lift any wooden table, chair or cabinet when cleaning the house. The A335 takes charge for your convenience.

Is there an anti-collision feature?

For years, homeowners have been replacing their hard floor sweepers due to damages after a collision. The Liectroux A335 detects a chair, table, and other obstacles to avoid a crash. It can even protect itself from scratches and other costly damages.

Will the Liectroux A335 vacuum mark my furniture when it bumps into it?

No. in fact, it comes with a soft and quality materials, which protects your possessions from any mark and other issues. It also has a protective bumper, making it long-lasting and durable. For those who are using an inefficient vacuum, switch now to the A335 from Liectroux today.

How does this robot vacuum deal with stairs? Will it fall down my stairs?

No. it has an anti-fall technology. It detects stairs to avoid a fall. But is it available at a hefty cost? No. in fact, it is affordable, which enables you to save some cash over time. From huge savings to quality performance, it has them all.

Is there any maintenance as well as cleaning required?

Just like the other appliances, hard floor sweepers require maintenance and cleaning. While some homeowners hire an expert, you can make the process a DIY job. It’s easy to maintain without a complicated process to follow. Whether or not you’re a tech-savvy, A335 from Liectroux has got your back.

What is the warranty on this vacuum robot?

Liectroux A335 is also backed by a 12-month-warranty. If you are not happy with its performance, return it to the official manufacturer, Amazon, or your chosen ecommerce website.

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