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Husqvarna Automower 450X robot grass cutter

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☑ Efficient Lawn mowing
☑ Virtually silent functioning
☑ Anti-collision feature
☑ LED headlight presence
☑ Nearly maintenance-free
☑ Smart app connectivity provision

Last updated on February 26, 2020 4:25 am

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Features Score



Greater Than $1500

Group Rank : #2( out of 5 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #3( out of 14 Lawn Mowers )


Average score in Lawn Mowers


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Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Area Capacity (acre) 1.25 0.91 below average
N/A 0.51 below average
Working capacity 5000 5000 Best
5000 2020 Best
Noise level (db)-Lawn Mower 59 62.8 Best
59 61.83 below average
Maximum incline inside working area 45 45 below average
N/A 23 below average
Warranty (months)-Lawn mower 24 19.2 below average
12 18 below average
Maximum incline mowing area 24 24 Best
24 21.33 Above average
Power Consumption 30 33.75 below average
35 22 Above average
Cutting Width 24 13.09 Best
24 12.87 Above average
Blade speed 0 N/A Best
N/A 1500 below average
Cutting height, max 60 14.55 Best
60 10.14 Best
Cutting height, min 0.8 5.36 below average
20 4.73 Above average
Maximum incline at boundary wire 15 15 below average
N/A 7.5 below average
Battery capacity (mAh)-Lawn Mower 5 8.33 Above average
N/A 1574.43 below average
Battery Charge time-Lawn 50 64 Above average
60 100 below average
Grass box capacity 0 N/A Best
N/A 0 Average
Mowing time per charge 270 270 Best
270 135 Best


AUTOMOWER 450X is the top among the robot grass cutter. Through this efficient functioning, it is smart enough to deal with the complex lawns. This self driving lawn mower is capable of dealing with obstacles, multiple narrow passages, and terrains. This Husqvarna mower comes along with GPS assistance, track check, and complete user control. Through smart control and connect, it can ensure the provision of perfectly green and healthy mowing.

AUTOMOWER 450X and 450XH

These two Husqvarna mowers provide similar functionality and lawn mowing results. Both have a similar trimming area capacity that is 1.25 acres. However, the difference that arises between these two extremely similar lawn mower is the cutting height. The AUTOMOWER 450X is capable of cutting a 0.8-inch minimum to a 2.4-inch maximum height of cutting the lawn grass. On the other hand, the AUTOMOWER 450XH robot grass cutter is capable of cutting 2-inch minimum to a 3-inch maximum height of lawn grass. Other than that, both of the lawn mowers from Husqvarna provides similar lawn mowing result. Both of the models come along with similar features such as anti-collision feature, smart app connectivity, interactive functionality, and, LED headlight presence.

Features of Husqvarna Automower 450X robot grass cutter:

Efficient lawn mowing

450X is capable of handling a diverse range of lawns up to 5000m² which is around 1.25 acres. Without leaving any tracks and edges, the sharp razor cut to enable this self driving lawn mower to ensure the provision of a velvety lawn finish. It can also handle slop up to 24 degrees which are 45% inclination. It is capable of attaining the GPS assisted mapping along with functionality in all sorts of weathers.

Remote object detection

The presence of the built-in sensor helps this robot grass cutter in detecting an object. Through the usage of ultrasonic technology, the hard collisions and bumps are avoided.  This self driving lawn mower lowers the speed to avoid any collision. In this way, the non-permanent items in your lawn are protected.

Smart app connectivity

Through the smart app connectivity, the users can have complete control through their mobile phones. You can easily schedule your cleaning, adjust settings, and attain update of this self driving lawn mower. Through your mobile phone, you can provide commands, check the battery status, and track the position of your grass mower. It can also be tracked in case of theft through your gadget. It also includes the ten years mobile data contract.

Interactive functionality

All of the Husqvarna mowers are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Through this compatibility, you can easily command your robot grass cutter. Through voice assistance, you can also attain mowing updates and battery status. From simple to complex tasks, all you need is to give the voice command to attain the efficient mowing result.

LED headlights presence

The presence of the LED headlights helps in attaining better functionality in the dark. It improves control along with the visibility. These energy-efficient LED headlights will also begin to flash in case of any malfunctioning.

Husqvarna Automower 450X robot grass cutter Prices

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Additional information

Specification: Husqvarna Automower 450X robot grass cutter

Anti-theft features
GPS Tracking

PIN Control

Anti-Theft Alarm

Safety Features-Lawn
Children and Pet safe

Boundary wire

Lift sensor

Bump Sensor

Handle Touch Sensor

Tilt Sensor

Area Capacity (acre)

Working capacity


Noise level (db)-Lawn Mower


Maximum incline mowing area

Maximum incline inside working area

Maximum incline at boundary wire


Grass box capacity

Cutting deck
Cutting Width


Blade speed

Maximum incline mowing area

Cutting height adjustment

Cutting height, max


Cutting height, min


Blade type

Power Consumption


Mowing time per charge


Battery Type

Medium Pile carpet-Lawn

Robot Length-Lawn

Robot Width-Lawn

Robot Weight-Lawn

Warranty (months)-Lawn mower

Weather resistant

Works under wet and rain

Scheduled programming

Automatic Recharging

Resume after recharge-Lawn

Wi-Fi Lawn

Remote Control-Lawn

App Control-Lawn

Amazon Alexa-Lawn

Voice Control-Lawn

Google assistant-Lawn

Battery capacity (mAh)-Lawn Mower


Battery Charge time-Lawn


Power Consumption


Mowing time per charge


Battery Type


Is it suitable for all types of lawns and gardens?

Yes. It is capable of dealing with medium to large size of lawns along with complexity. It can easily deal with 1.25 acres of land. It acts as the natural fertilizer for the grass. The sharp blades trim the grass easily and provide a velvety end.

How does this lawn mower feed the lawn?

It acts as a fertilizer for the lawn to ensure the provision of a green, healthy and velvety finish. This self driving lawn mower provides efficient finish through continuous trimming of the grass. Without leaving any tracks or traces, the sharp razor provides the desired appeal to the lawn.

How much slope can be accommodated by this mowing robot?

It can easily handle 45% inclination or 24 degrees of slope. In this way, efficient mowing is attained.

How to install this self driving lawn mower?

To install the AUTOMOWER® 450X, you need to attain professional assistance in pegging the boundary wire to the ground. Make sure the wires are well buried and secured. It should be away from pets, especially rabbits due to their habit of digging it.

What is the function of the GPS navigation in this robot grass cutter?

The presence of the GPS assists in creating the map of the lawn. In this way, the mowing pattern is adjusted by the navigation. Along with that, it also considers the boundary and guide wires to follow the track.

What is the function of the LED headlights in this mowing robot?

The energy-efficient LED headlights help in providing better visibility along with control in the dark. Through the LED headlights, the AUTOMOWER® 450X can easily mow during the night time.

What is the cutting height of this self driving lawn mower?

Due to the presence of the three pivoting razor blade, this mowing robot is capable of providing 2.4 inch of maximum cutting height and 0.8-inch minimum cutting height. Whereas the cutting width is 9.45 inches.

What type of cutter system is present in this lawn mower?

Two-disc houses razor-like blades are present on the loose pivots. The grass is cleanly cut and twig will immediately fold on hitting a twig. It is far more efficient than the traditional mower blades present in the lawn mowers.

Is there any anti-theft feature?

Through the presence of GPS tracking, the user can easily locate the AUTOMOWER® 450X in case of theft. You can easily locate the mower through tracking it. You can also access the position of the lawn mower through the LED headlight.

Is it compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa?

Yes. It is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Through voice assistance, you can command all of the Husqvarna mowers. The smart speaker will attain your command and function accordingly.

Can I use a smartphone to control this AUTOMOWER® 450X?

Yes. Through the smart app connectivity, you can use your phone to control this robot grass mower. You can attain the necessary update along with checking the cleaning status through your mobile phone.

Is there an anti-collision feature?

Yes. The built-in sensor detects the hard objects to avoid any collision. The ultrasonic technology present in these sensors reduces the chances of any collision with any object in the lawn.

How does it deal with non-permanent items and fixtures in the lawn?

The ultrasonic technology identifies any object through the in-built sensor. The non-permanent items and fixtures are protected from the bump and collision through closing the blades.

Do I need to install the boundary wires if my yard is fenced?

Yes. The boundary wires need to be installed even if the yard is fenced. These boundary wires act as the guide for the robot. It helps in reaching the charging base efficiently, navigating the obstacle, and setting up separate mowing areas.

Is there automatic charging?

Yes. In case of a low battery, this self driving lawn mower returns to the charging base. It also resumes the mowing after charging.

How long does the battery of this robot grass cutter take to fully charge?

It takes around one hour to completely charge the battery of this AUTOMOWER® 450X. It will resume the task after the battery charge.

What is the maximum battery runtime of this AUTOMOWER® 450X?

The maximum battery runtime of this self driving lawn mower is around 270 minutes. It can mow an entire complex lawn at this time.

Is it safe for people with children and pets?

If you have children and pets at your home, this Automower is extremely safe to use. The three spinning blades retract when they are not in use. In this way, they will not be dangerous for any person or object around.

How does the ear-piercing alarm function in this Automower 450X?

When the Automower 450X is picked up, the sensors will analyze that it is off the ground. The ear-piercing alarm sound will be used to alert the owner. After that, the four-digit PIN is required to unlock it.

What is the warranty for this lawn mower?

It comes along with a warranty for a year. It includes the workmanship as well. The battery can also be replaced within six months. It also comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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