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Exgain Lawnba S520 Robot Mower with app

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☑ Fully programmable and automatic robotic lawnmower
☑ Complete user control through the remote control
☑ Acts as a natural fertilizer
☑ Adjustable mowing schedule
☑ Virtually silent functioning
☑ Nearly maintenance-free

Last updated on May 24, 2020 6:36 pm

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $801 - $1500

Group Rank : #1( out of 7 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #5( out of 14 Lawn Mowers )


Average score in Lawn Mowers


Best Score in Lawn Mowers



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Area Capacity (acre) 0.5 0.36 below average
N/A 0.51 below average
Working capacity 2600 1800 Best
2600 2020 Above average
Noise level (db)-Lawn Mower 57 60.33 Above average
60 61.83 below average
Maximum incline inside working area 30 23.33 below average
N/A 23 below average
Warranty (months)-Lawn mower 36 24 below average
12 18 below average
Maximum incline mowing area 40 40 below average
N/A 21.33 below average
Power Consumption 20 22.5 Above average
N/A 22 below average
Cutting Width 28 12.27 Best
28 12.87 Best
Blade speed 3000 3000 Best
3000 1500 Best
Cutting height, max 6 3.8 Best
6 10.14 below average
Cutting height, min 0.8 1.68 below average
2.5 4.73 below average
Maximum incline at boundary wire 15 15 below average
N/A 7.5 below average
Battery capacity (mAh)-Lawn Mower 2 1652.5 below average
6600 1574.43 Above average
Battery Charge time-Lawn 60 105 below average
180 100 Above average
Grass box capacity 0 N/A Best
N/A 0 Average
Mowing time per charge 0 N/A Best
N/A 135 below average


Lawnba S520 is one of then finest lawnmower addition in the remote (app) control mower available in the market. Through efficient functioning, it is capable of dealing with large and complex lawns. This remote controlled lawn mower is capable of dealing with all the obstacles along with the terrains and narrow passages in the yard. It provides complete control to the user through the remote control. It reduces your manual intervention in the lawn through efficient lawn mowing. This Exgain mower manicures your lawn along with fertilizing it to provide the desired velvety finish.

Features of  Lawnba S520 :

Low profile structure

The presence of the low profile structure helps this remote (app) control mower in completing the task efficiently.

Lawnba S520’s structure is based on the usage of the solid core wheel. The presence of the solid core wheel helps in protecting from being stuck in the grass, mud, or any other type of fuss.

The presence of the heavier wheel protects from the chance of the slippery. This low profile structure of this remote-controlled lawnmower also deals with slopes and hills easily.

Mowing blades

To mow the lawn properly, the Lawnba S520 uses four efficient and sharp blades.

These razor-like blades ensure the provision of proper grass trimming in the lawn.

These blades come along with sharp edges. In this way, these sharp edges help in mowing the lawn properly.

Improvised grass cutting

The cutting height of the grass can be adjusted in this appcontrolled lawnmower.

The height can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 6 cm according to the requirement of the lawn.

Through the adjustment of the grass cutting height, you can easily attain the desired trimming of the lawn.

Improvised packaging

Lawnba S520 comes along with the right amount of accessories that are required in one remote control mower. It comes along with a virtual wire of 100 m to install the setup on the lawn.

There are around 100 pieces of pegs along with it. It also comes with a waterproof charger and virtual wire connectors.

Along with that, there are four stakes and blades present with it. There is one inner hexagon spanner and charging station.

It also comes with the user manual and Wi-Fi manual for the guidance of the user.

Safety design

The design is safe for people with children and pets. It comes along with the handler.

This handler can be touched to stop the mowing. The mowing will be immediately stopped within 0.5 seconds.

This safety design helps in protecting from any dangerous situation.

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Additional information

Specification: Exgain Lawnba S520 Robot Mower with app

Anti-theft features
GPS Tracking

PIN Control

Anti-Theft Alarm

Safety Features-Lawn
Children and Pet safe

Boundary wire

Lift sensor

Bump Sensor

Handle Touch Sensor

Tilt Sensor

Area Capacity (acre)

Working capacity


Noise level (db)-Lawn Mower


Maximum incline mowing area

Maximum incline inside working area

Maximum incline at boundary wire


Grass box capacity

Cutting deck
Cutting Width


Blade speed

Maximum incline mowing area

Cutting height adjustment

Cutting height, max


Cutting height, min


Blade type

Power Consumption


Mowing time per charge


Battery Type

Medium Pile carpet-Lawn

Robot Length-Lawn

Robot Width-Lawn

Robot Weight-Lawn

Warranty (months)-Lawn mower

Weather resistant

Works under wet and rain

Scheduled programming

Automatic Recharging

Resume after recharge-Lawn

Wi-Fi Lawn

Remote Control-Lawn

App Control-Lawn

Amazon Alexa-Lawn

Voice Control-Lawn

Google assistant-Lawn

Battery capacity (mAh)-Lawn Mower


Battery Charge time-Lawn


Power Consumption


Mowing time per charge


Battery Type


Is it suitable for all types of lawns and gardens?

Lawnba S520 is a fourth-generation model that is available in the market since 2013. This remote control lawn mower is capable of dealing with the garden up to 2600sqm. It feeds the lawn as well along with managing the health of the grass.

How does this remote control mower treat the lawn?

It can easily mow up to half of an acre. It trims the grass efficiently along with fertilizing the yard. It also assists in cutting the grass from the edges of the lawn. It also reduces the chances of leaving any patches and unwanted tracks in the lawn.

What is the maximum cutting height of this lawn mower?

The cutting height of the automatic lawn mower can be adjusted from 2.5 cm to 6 cm according to the lawn’s requirement. You can easily trim the lawn through adjusting the cutting height.

How much slope can be accommodated with this Lawnba S520?

It can easily handle a 30% inclination. It is around 20 degrees of slope. In this way, efficient grass trimming can be attained.

How to install this remote control lawn mower?

To install Lawnba S520, professional assistance is required. You need to connect the virtual wire with the virtual wire connector. Make sure the connection is well buried and secured. Make sure it is kept away from the pets. The mower will be disabled if the virtual wires are disabled.

What is the function of the virtual wires in this automatic mower?

The virtual wires act the guider for the mower. It provides a specific area that needs mowing. Along with that, the mower follows these virtual wires to understand the dynamics of the lawn.

Are the virtual wires required if the lawn is fenced?

Yes. The virtual wires need to be installed even if the lawn is fenced. These virtual wires help in the navigation. These wires are also important to reduce the chances of leaving unwanted tracks and edges.

Is there automatic charging?

Yes. The Lawnba S520 will automatically charge in case of a low battery. It will resume functioning after the charging. It will follow the nearest virtual wires to reach the charging base.

How long does the battery of this automatic lawn mowers take to charge fully?

It takes around three hours to fully charge the battery of this lawn mower. It will resume the mowing task after charging to the required extent.

What is the maximum battery runtime of this remote control lawn mower?

The average runtime of this remote control lawn mower is around 2 to 3hour. It can efficiently mow the entire lawn at this time.

Is there an anti-collision feature in this remote control lawn mower?

Yes. The built-in bump sensor and ultrasonic sensor helps in detecting any object. Through this detection, the collision and bumps are avoided.

How does Lawnba S520 deal with rain?

The presence of the rain sensor assists in avoiding mowing during this period. This rain sensor detects the weather condition. It returns to the charging base during this time. Make sure the charging is well-shed and protected from the rain.

Is there any anti-theft feature in this Lawnba S520?

Yes. It comes along with the anti-theft feature. It requires pin code in case of being picked up. In case of wrong pin code information, this remote-controlled lawn mower will stop functioning.

What is the function of the emergency switch in this Lawnba S520?

The emergency switch can be used for stopping the robot to function. The mower will immediately stop in 0.5 seconds in order to avoid any dangerous situation.

Is it safe for people with children and pets?

Yes. The presence of the ultrasonic feature helps in detecting any person around the mower. In the case of bumping, the bump sensor will immediately tilt in the blades in order to avoid any dangerous situation.

How a large area can be mowed in one recharge?

It depends on the condition of the blades. Other than that, it also depends on the lawn size, humidity, type of grass, and the growth rate of the grass. It is recommended to change the blades yearly to improve the mowing.

What should be the distance of the remote control?

As this automatic lawn mower work with the remote control, the estimated distance for the wireless remote control should be 6M. This remote control will help the user to provide the necessary commands to the mower.

How can the user control this lawn mower?

The user can control the lawn mower through the wireless remote control. The remote control can be used to give the mowing commands, attain the necessary updates, and set the mowing modes.

What is the warranty for this lawn mower?

It comes along with the warranty of a year along with the workmanship. It also includes the 30-day money-back guarantee along with a six-month battery change warranty.

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