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Ecovacs Winbot 930 window cleaning robot

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☑ Advanced Solution for Effortlessly Clean Windows
☑ User-friendly Technology – Easy Set-up and Use
☑ Powerful Vacuum Pump for Extra Safety
☑ Sparkling Windows, Mirrors, Glass Railings and Shower Doors
☑ Use Indoors and Outdoors
☑ Cleans Thermopane Windows

Last updated on February 25, 2020 1:13 pm

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $151 - $250

Group Rank : #2( out of 8 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #7( out of 18 Window Cleaners )


Average score in Window Cleaners


Best Score in Window Cleaners



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Suction Power (pa) 2800 2800 below average
N/A 2375 below average
Robot weight [lb] 2 3.83 below average
5.07 3.61 Above average
Warranty (months) 12 10.5 Best
12 6 Best
Max cleaning height (m) 19.6 17.5 below average
16.5 15.18 Above average
Minimum surface size 13.7 285.13 below average
826 799.44 Above average
Minimum operational temperature 32 32 Best
32 23 Above average
Maximum Operational Temperature 104 104 Best
104 122 below average
Size of Window 1181 1181 below average
N/A 590.5 below average
Max Depth [inch] 0 N/A Best
N/A 0.15 below average
Max Width [inch] 0 N/A Best
N/A 0.08 below average
Run Time max (min) 90 90 below average
N/A 46.67 below average
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 0 N/A Best
N/A 0 Average
Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min] 2.4 1.53 below average
N/A 1.72 below average
Noise Level [decible] 60 64 below average
68 59.65 Above average
Power Consumption [watt] 10 55.71 Above average
35 56.5 below average
Time for charging (min) N/A N/A Best
N/A 75 below average


The EcoVacs Winbot 930 is a leading automatic window cleaner robot. This intelligent appliance cleaning bot attaches to glass so it can travel the surface making every inch spotlessly clean. The EcoVacs Winbot 930 window washing robot has striking features, as a result making it both highly practical and technologically advanced. EcoVacs Winbot 930 automatic window cleaning system moves across your glass freely and safely. Because it lacks a power supply on the body of the glass cleaning robot it is particularly flexible.

EcoVacs Winbot 930 window cleaning machine features 

Dual Suction Ring System

The dual suction ring system is the foundation for the most advanced window cleaning robot technology. The Winbot 930 glass cleaning robot has a dynamic vacuum pump with the dual suction ring system. This seals the glass cleaning robot securely to the window. If outer rings sense a reduction of suction, it signals the winbot window cleaning robot to change direction. The window cleaning device then selects a new path to clean the glass. As a result, every single inch of the window, mirror, tabletop, railings, shower doors or other glass surface is spotless.  Each surface cleaned efficiently and effortlessly by the ecovacs window cleaning robot while you stay safely off the ladder.

Various Types of Glass

The Winbot 930 window cleaning device performs cleaning magic on every kind of glass. Use the ecovacs window cleaner for your:

✅Frosted windows

✅Colored windows

✅Tinted glass

✅Thermopane Windows

Your new Winbot 930 certainly makes every window sparkle.

The safety cable and extension cord combination means the winbot window cleaning robot cleans windows of most any shape or size. You stay safely on the ground, while your Winbot glass cleaning robot does the windows. Above all, the EcoVacs Winbot 930 is a superb choice to make your windows shine, so you can enjoy the view.

Ecovacs Winbot 930 window cleaning robot Prices

Price History

Additional information

Specification: Ecovacs Winbot 930 window cleaning robot

Operational Parameters
Max cleaning height (m)


Minimum surface size


Minimum operational temperature

Maximum Operational Temperature

Glass thickness


Size of Window

Works on
Coating glass

Engraved glass

Framed Windows

Frameless Windows

Reflection Glass

Rough Glass

Window Film

Safety Foil

Floor Tile

Performance-Window cleaner
Run Time max (min)

Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)

Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min]

Noise Level [decible]


Power Consumption [watt]

Suction Power (pa)

Time for charging (min)

Maximum Surface drop

Robot Height (inch)


Robot Length [inch]

Robot weight [lb]

Robot Width [inch]

Warranty (months)

Crossing a joint
Crossing A joint

Max Depth [inch]

Max Width [inch]


Wi-Fi Window

Amazon Alexa-Window

App Control-Window

Google assistant-Window

Remote Control-Window

Voice Control-Window


Safety Features
Anti-falling Algorithm

Safety Cord


Automatic stop

Adhesive type

Auto-detection of edges

Auto returns to starting point

Cleaning Route/Pattern

Pressure Sensor

Table cleaning mode

Dry Mopping-Window

Wet Mopping-Window




Does Winbot 930 robotic window cleaner work on flat panels like mirrors, shower doors, and glass railings?

Yes, indeed! Clean shower doors, mirrors and then glass railings (indoors or outdoors) with your Winbot 930 cleaning bot. The 4 stage deep cleaning mode scours soap scum as your own personal shower cleaning robot.


Does this robotic window cleaner work on framed panels?

The Winbot 930 ecovacs window cleaning robot has smart path technology which finds the edges on glass panels. It cleans all the way to the edge, without ever damaging the frame.


Does this robotic window cleaner work on textured or horizontal glass?

Yes! The Winbot 930 works on all types of glass. Colored, tinted, frosted and even thermopane glass are no challenge for this window cleaning robot. This is the best window cleaning robot for your insulated windows. Even use it to clean horizontal surfaces, like glass table tops. Horizontally, the robot’s cleaning path becomes random, so be sure to use the remote for directing it manually.


How large is the cleaning surface?

9.6 inches square


How strong is the suction on this robotic window cleaner?

The extra high suction level is a special feature of the Winbot 930. It gives a firmer wipe for cleaner surfaces, and greater safety.


Is it safe to use this robotic window cleaner on above ground level windows?

For sure! The Winbot 930 ecovacs window cleaning robot is certainly absolutely safe to use on your high windows. You can use it up to 16 1/2 feet off the ground.


Can this robotic window cleaner be used in extreme temperatures (hot and cold)?

The window cleaning liquid creates issues for the window cleaning robot under 32ºF (0℃) and over 104ºF (40℃). Also, watch for super high humidity levels over 65% as this reduces the effectiveness.


Is there a battery backup/ emergency power supply? Are the batteries included?

The emergency battery backup pack and also the charger come with the domestic robots.


How noisy is this robotic window cleaner?

The Winbot 930 cleaning bot scores at 68 DB, which is about the same as a household shower or a quiet dishwasher.


Is there a safety cord / tether?

Of course. The window cleaning machine uses a type of suction cup and a cored-based Safety Tether System. The entire system monitors the glass cleaning robot status. Then, an alarm sounds if suction air pressure falls. If there is a risk of the robot falling, the tether returns it to the core.


What are the cleaning pads made of? Might they scratch my windows? Can they be reused?

Microfiber. Keep the microfiber pads clean and dry. They don’t scratch but they do eventually age. So, you can buy new pads as they wear out.


Is there washing fluid included? Is it special in some way?

Yes. Window cleaning liquid is in the box with your new glass cleaning robot. Don’t use tap water or other cleaners. They don’t clean well. Also, your warranty requires use of the manufacturer’s cleaning fluid.


How complicated is the operation?

The intelligent operating system uses an easy 3-step method, and the handy remote control. Winbot 930 window washing robot assembles and starts in just 3 simple steps. First, spray the cleaning pad with cleaning liquid. Secondly, plug in the window cleaning robot and turn on the power. Finally, put it on the glass you want cleaned and push the button that says “AUTO”. That’s it!


What can be controlled using the remote control?

On, off, pause and changing directions.


How many cleaning stages does this robotic window cleaner use?

The Winbot 930 is a fully functional 4 stage glass cleaning machine.


What maintenance is required?

Firstly, be sure the microfiber pads are clean and dry. Otherwise, keep the charging contacts clean.


How does the robotic window cleaner navigate?

The built-in sensors measure the window in a predetermined automatic pattern. In addition, Deep Clean Mode returns the window cleaning robot back to each area for another pass.


Are there safety features in this robotic window cleaner? If so, what are they?

Safety features operate in unison so you don’t need to worry about anything. The Winbot 930 has back-up batteries, safety pod and a tether, powerful fan and advanced edge detection tech. The safety pod and the tether work together to prevent any falls. Cleaning your high rise glass is safer and easier than ever before!


How affordable is this winbot window cleaning robot?

The Winbot 930 cleaning bot is a premium window washing robot. The price reflects additional features, and the increased levels of cleaning.


Can this automatic window cleaner be used on thermopane windows?

Yes! The Winbot 930 is the perfect window cleaning robot for your thermopane windows!

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