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Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier

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☑ Cooling pet air purifier
☑ Night Mode
☑ Sealed HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter
☑ Dyson Core Flow Technology
☑ Fits within your Arm’s length

Last updated on May 25, 2020 6:12 pm

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $301 - $400

Group Rank : #6( out of 6 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #73( out of 85 Air purifier )


Average score in Air purifier


Best Score in Air purifier



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
CADR (Clean air delivery rate) 680 308.33 below average
N/A 184.33 below average
CADR Dust 400 222.33 below average
N/A 164.7 below average
CADR tobocco smoke 400 222.33 below average
N/A 163.45 below average
CADR pollen 400 225.33 below average
N/A 176.64 below average
Air changes per hour 5 4 below average
N/A 2.8 below average
Energy consumption [Watt] 32 51 Above average
N/A 65.6 below average
Room Size 620 422 below average
N/A 332.98 below average
Noise level [db]-Air purifier 30 47.4 below average
63 41.09 Above average
Airpurifier weight [lb] 5.95 10.67 Best
5.95 13.22 below average
Warranty [Months] 120 48 below average
N/A 42 below average


Features of Dyson Pure Cool Me Pet Air Purifier:

The air inside your house can be many times polluted as compared to the outside air. The airborne pollutants can cause allergy and asthma triggers in many. One of the ways to purify the air is by using a pet air purifier.

One such wonderful gadget is the Dyson air purifier. It is not only an air purifier but also a cool air device. It is a personal fan that is capable of blowing purified air at you.

Core Flow Technology

The working of this pet air purifier is based on Core Flow Technology which is inspired by Harrier Jump Jet. The filtered air is split into two jets, which creates a high-pressure and focused steam of air when meeting at the surface. This gives you a steady and cold blow of air while absorbing the pollutants.

HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter

The Dyson air purifier consists of a HEPA Filter which captures 99.97% of the dust, molds, allergens, and bacteria. There is also an Activated Carbon Filter which eliminates gases, odors, fumes, and VOCs efficiently.

70 Degrees Oscillation

You can use this pet air purifier to clean the air around you and release back a cool bout of air too. The 70-degree oscillation feature lets you adjust the machine from side to side. This delivers airflow in the direction you desire.

Whether you are at the study table, or in the living room, you can enjoy a blow of fresh air by simply adjusting the dome of the device. This gadget is a purifier that you can use near you at all places for pure and cool air.

Efficient Fan

While The Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier effectively eliminates airborne pollutants, it also has a fan with a cooling effect. Thus, you can use the purifier for not only cleaning the air but also blow some steady air to you. Place it anywhere near you and enjoy a gentle wave of air flowing in any direction you want. You can choose from 10-speed settings, and enjoy the cool air.


Price History

Price history for Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan, BP01 HEPA Air Purifier & Fan, Removes Allergens, Pollutants, Dust, Mold, VOCs, for Desks, Bedside, Side Tables, White
Latest updates:
  • $329.00 - May 7, 2020
  • $311.84 - April 26, 2020
  • $279.99 - April 20, 2020
  • $279.00 - March 23, 2020
  • $296.00 - March 14, 2020
  • $298.88 - March 10, 2020
  • $299.99 - February 29, 2020
  • $309.99 - February 26, 2020
Since: November 28, 2019
  • Highest Price: $329.00 - January 15, 2020
  • Lowest Price: $279.00 - March 23, 2020

Additional information

Specification: Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier



Mold spores



Bacteria and viruses

Chemical and gas fumes

Odros and smells

Pet dender

CADR rating

CADR (Clean air delivery rate)




CADR tobocco smoke


CADR pollen


Air changes per hour


Energy consumption [Watt]


Room Size


Noise level [db]-Air purifier


Filters & Sensors
Hepa fliter

True hepa Filter

Air quality sensors

Carbon filter

Filter replacement indicators


Washable pre filter

Other useful
Carrying handle


Digital control

Night light

Programmable timer

Technology-Air purifier
0.3µm particle removal (%)


Antimicrobial treatment

Ozone free

Photocatalytic oxidation

Plasma wave technology

Airpurifier Height [inch]


Airpurifier Length [inch]


Airpurifier weight [lb]


Airpurifier Width [inch]


Warranty [Months]


Wireless controls

Amazon Alexa-Air

Google Assistant-Air

App Control-Air

Remote Control-Air

Voice Control-Air


Does the air purifier cause noise pollution?

No. The Dyson air purifier operates in silence making a noise of as less as 37dB. Thus, it causes no sound pollution.

Is the Dyson air purifier helpful for houses with pets?

Yes. This air purifier features a HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter. These filters efficiently capture 99.97% of the airborne pollutants like bacteria, allergens, including pet dander.

How often should I change the filters?

12 months. The filters of the Dyson purifier for allergen need to be changed after 12 months if the purifier is used 12 hours a day. The filters of this air purifiers have a longer or shorter lifespan depending upon its usage

Can I wash the Pre-filter? Is it reusable after cleaning?

There is no pre-filter in this device. It consists of a HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter which need to be changed after 12 months.

What can I do to maintain the pet air purifier?

For getting the best out of your purifier, it is advised to clean it regularly. You can clean the exterior with a soft brush or dry lint-free cloth to clean the ball and the dome. As for the filters, you should replace them when the indicator goes on.

How long will the Pre-filter last?

There is no pre-filter in this device. It consists of a HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter which need to be changed after 12 months.

Where to place the purifier for getting the most out of it?

This air purifier is a personal device. Hence, it is best to place it near you for getting clean and cool air wherever you are. While working you can place it on your desk, and at night you can place it near your bed.

What kind of pollutants can the Dyson air purifier for dust remove?

It is capable of capturing gases and pollutants like pollens, allergens, bacteria, mold spores, household fumes and cooking odors, pet dander, etc. Thus, you can have clean and pure air flowing around you.

How much does the device weigh? Is it portable?

5lbs. The device is very lightweight and is portable. You can place it near you at the study table or at the office desk too for clean and cool airflow.

Does it have any special feature?

The Dyson Pure Cool Me purifier for odor is a purifier cum fan. Along with cleaning the air around you it also gives you cool air.

Who can use the Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier?

This air purifying device can be used by anyone who wants to breathe pure air. The air purifier is certified allergy and asthma friendly by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America. Thus, if you suffer from allergy or asthma you can use it without any concerns.

How much power will the device consume? Does it come with an energy star certification?

It consumes only 40 W of power while in use. Thus, it is light on your pocket. You can enjoy the pure and cool breeze of air without burning a hole in your pocket.

What is the ideal room size for this purifier?

There is no ideal room size, as the purifier is designed for personal use. You can place it at your study table, near your bed or even at your office desk for purified, cool airflow.

Can I access the purifier using an app?

No. The Dyson air purifier does not have any app for controlling. It has a power button on the device itself and comes with remote control for accessing the controls.

How much warranty does it have?

2 Years manufactures warranty is provided on this device. It will cover your device for parts and labor free of cost from Dyson.

What type of filter does the purifier contain?

The Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier consists of a fully sealed HEPA filter and Activated Carbon Filter which capture 99.97% of the pollutants and allergens like pollen, bacteria, pet dander, etc. This gives you purified cool air at all times.

How many fan speeds are present? Are they adjustable?

10 fan speeds are present in this air purifier. Yes, they are adjustable and you can choose the desired fan speed as per your requirement.

Does the Dyson Pure Cool me purifier emit ozone?

No. The Dyson air purifier does not emit ozone. It is harmless to the environment and emits no greenhouse gases. Thus, you can use it inside your home without any ozone emission.

Does the device have an automatic turn off feature?

Yes. You can use the timer feature on the device and set it for specified hours. After the specified time the device will automatically go off.

Is there a service indicator to alert about the filter change? Is there an air quality indicator too?

Yes. The purifier has an indicator to alert you about the filter change. However, there is no in-built air quality indicator to show you the quality of air prevailing in your surroundings.

Can I operate the purifier using a remote control?

Yes. The Dyson Pure Cool me purifier comes with a remote control which is placed on a magnetic pad at the front side. You can change the fan speed, set timer and also change the direction of the purifier using the remote control.

What are the CADR values for the Dyson air purifier?

Not Specified.

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