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Deebot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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☑ Exceptional self-cleaning vacuum
☑ Simultaneous mopping
☑ Detects carpets, hard floors and other types of surfaces
☑ Long battery life
☑ Advanced multi-floor cleaning and mopping

Last updated on January 20, 2020 4:06 am

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It’s easy to find good vacuums today. From $100 to $1,000, there’s a multitude of options to choose from. Ecovacs recently provide a new 2-in-1 robot vacuum with a mop combination. It’s the Deebot OZMO 950. With its high-end performance, the company claims it to be the most powerful Deebot on the market.

Features of Ecovacs OZMO 950 :

A Wide Variety of Accessories

The Deebot OZMO 950 comes with a range of accessories. More than the docking station, it is built with the main brush, a cleaning cloth plate, a water reservoir, a washable microfiber mopping cloth, a high-efficiency filtration system, and more. Although can break your bank, it’s a complete package that allows you to save some cash in the long run.

Simple and Easy Setup

Setting up the Deebot OZMO 950 is simple. Within a few minutes, it can operate and get rid of dirt in your space. After installation and charging, download the EcovacsHome app. then, connect the self-cleaning vacuum to the application. Also, add the Ecovacs to Alexa or Google Home to use its voice control feature.

Long Battery Life and Smart Design

Deebot OZMO 950 has a variety of functionalities and features. It has a hood with a hidden dustbin, which promotes a compact design. When you need to empty the bin, it’s easy to grab. It is equipped with a cleaning tool under the hood. When it’s time to clean the main brush roll, you won’t lose the equipment.

The mopping plate is located to its underside. You can also use a disposable cleaning and a reusable microfiber cloth. It securely attaches onto the plate that doesn’t wear and tear in the long run.

OZMO Mopping

What makes the Deebot OZMO 950 incredible is that the mopping process is painless. All you have to do is to fill the water reservoir, attach a cloth, and install the mopping plate. After the installation, the self-cleaning vacuum goes into the OZMO mopping mode automatically. It can mop or even vacuum hardwood floors and carpets, removing at least 99.26% of bacteria and other dirt particles.

Fast Operation and Enhanced Navigation

The Deebot OZMO 950 is equipped with Smart Navi 3.0 that uses a laser to find its way throughout your residential property. It is fast as it travels around with ease. It’s effective in its automatic cleaning path. From removing the dirt on the edges, it cleans the middle of the floor in an S pattern.

Price History

Price history for Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Latest updates:
  • $679.00 - January 16, 2020
  • $799.00 - January 2, 2020
  • $589.00 - December 21, 2019
  • $599.00 - December 1, 2019
  • $799.00 - November 29, 2019
  • $789.00 - November 23, 2019
  • $799.00 - November 7, 2019
Since: November 7, 2019
  • Highest Price: $799.00 - November 7, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $589.00 - December 21, 2019

Additional information

Specification: Deebot Ozmo 950 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Floor Type
Low Pile Carpet

Medium Pile Carpet

High Pile Carpet

Hardwood floors

Laminated Floors


Vinyl Floors

Amazon Alexa

APP control

Google Assistant

Remote Control

Voice Control


Filters and Brushes
Pet Hair Removal

UV Sterilization

HEPA filter

Roller/Main Brush

Side Brush(es)

Dirt Detection Sensor

Cliff Sensor

Adjustable Suction

Anti-collision Sensor

Full Bin Indicator

Virtual Wall/Blocker/Magnetic Strip/Block Plus/Other similar

Smart Phone App
Digital Boundary Marker/ Blocked Area/ No-go Lines

Spot cleaning

Multi-floor Maps

Manual Movement control

Advanced Features
Automatic Dirt Disposal

Self Recharging

Resume after recharge

Crawler drive

Protective Bumpers

LCD/LED display


Path planning/mapping

Edge Cleaning

Washable Filter

Wet Mopping

Dry Mopping

Max Run Time (min)


Battery Charge Time (min)


Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)


Suction Power


Noise Level (dB)


Threshold climbing (inch)

General info
Dust Bin capacity (mL)

Weight (lb)


Robot Height


Robot Width (in)

Shape of The Robot



What types of surfaces can this floor robot clean?

As a high-end self-cleaning vacuum, the Deebot OZMO 950 can handle a variety of surfaces, from hard wood floors to long soft carpets. For those who have vinyl or laminated floors, the device can perform well.

Can Deebot OZMO 950 robot vacuum adjust to different floor surfaces?

Some homeowners start to vacuum the carpet while others clean their wooden floors. Whatever your case may be, the Deebot OZMO 950 can adjust to a range of floor surfaces without additional operation.

How strong is the suction?

Common suction power is around 1200Pa. the Deebot OZMO 950, on the contrary, provides an additional 300Pa. that means the suction is strong that can replace your existing upright unit. It can get rid of pet hair, food crumbs, and other dirt particles.

What type of dirt can this robot vacuum pick up?

This self-cleaning vacuum can clean different types of dirt. From animal hairball, food crumbs to other dust particles, it can deal with them all with ease. Just empty the bin when it’s full to enjoy an effective operation over time.

How big is the dirt bin?

The dust bin is quite small. It’s only around 430 milliliters. But it’s still sufficient, which in turn avoids removing the dirt during the cycle. Look for a bigger alternative when the need arises.

Can it do both dry and wet cleaning?

Deebot OZMO 950 has four water flow levels, including low, medium, high, and ultra-high. For lighter mopping, use the low water level. After each pass, it leaves your hardwood floors barely wet. The ultra-high, on the other hand, cleans better. In fact, it wets the floor more throughout the cleaning cycle.

What brushes are there on the machine? What are they for?

Just like the other cutting-edge self-cleaning vacuum, the Deebot OZMO 950 has four side brushes and a pre-installed main brush. While the former is for the edges and corners, the latter is for other primary tasks.

Can I make a schedule and have the robot vacuum my house when I am gone?

You can customize how or when you want the device to clean your living space. To get started, create a schedule or choose a specific area of your home. But wait, there’s more! You can also create zones where the Deebot can avoid.

Can I use a smartphone app to control this device?

Deebot OZMO 950 proudly presents the EcovacsHome app for a quality and stress-free control. The smartphone app can also take your experience to a different level. After installing the side brushes and other accessories, download the app right away.

Does this automatic vacuum connect to my Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Similar to other Deebot models, the self-cleaning vacuum can tell the user when it’s time to recharge, clean, and save the map. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which allows you to control the device with your own voice.

Is there automatic charging?

When it runs out of battery throughout the cleaning cycle, it will go back to its charging, stating to give the power a boost. After a few hours of recharging, it will automatically resume its task for your convenience.

How long does it take to charge the battery on this robot vacuum?

Charging the battery of Deebot OZMO 950 only takes at least 5 hours. For a continuous or comfortable cleaning, fuel the device beforehand.

What is the maximum battery runtime of the Deebot OZMO 950?

Most upright units can last for 90 minutes. The Deebot OZMO 950, however, can run for up to 200 minutes. From a heavy- to the light-duty task, the self-cleaning vacuum can last for an hour or more.

Can the robot vacuum cross over a door sill? If so, how high?

Ecovacs worked on overcoming a number of obstacles. Today, the robot can cross over a door sill that measures 2 cm. due to its enhanced drive mechanics. Perhaps, the company might introduce other improvements in the market in the coming years.

Will it clean underneath furniture?

Yes, the Deebot OZMO 950 can clean underneath a cabinet, couch, or table. It’s no surprise as the self-cleaning vacuum measures around 9.3 cm. check whether or not the food crumbs and other dirt particles underneath a piece of furniture remain on the floor.

Is there an anti-collision feature?

Deebot OZMO 950 is packed with collision sensors that prevent falls from stair treads. Generally speaking, it has exemplary obstacle detection. It only lightly hit your cabinet or appliances. Say bye to an inefficient cleaning device and switch to this latest version from Ecovacs.

Will the Deebot OZMO 950 mark my furniture when it bumps into it?

Let’s admit it! Despite the collision and obstacle detection sensors, most self-cleaning vacuums can hit your precious furniture. The good news is that they don’t leave a mark and other costly problems, just like the OZMO 950 from Ecovacs.

How does the robot vacuum deal with stairs? Will it fall down my stairs?

No, it detects the stair with ease. Thanks to its cutting-edge sensors. So, there are no worries even when you have a scheduled cleaning during your office work. Indeed, it won’t fall off the stair.

Is there any maintenance and cleaning required?

Before, the vacuum was hard to maintain. It’s necessary to call a specialist, which requires an extra cost. Today’s self-cleaning vacuum like the Deebot OZMO 950 only requires a simple maintenance. There’s no need to hire a team to get the job done for you. While you can save some cash, you will also learn.

What is the warranty on this vacuum robot?

Most vacuums are backed by a 12-month warranty. The Deebot OZMO 950 from Ecovacs, on the contrary, offers a 2-year warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to the cart today!

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