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Cop Rose X6 Robotic Window Cleaner

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- 45% Cop Rose X6 Robotic Window Cleaner
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☑ Anti-drop design

☑ Built-in vacuum motor

☑ Intelligent detection and planning

☑ UPS system to prevent power outrage

☑ Safety rope with 150 kg load

☑ Creative design

☑ 99% coverage

Last updated on February 25, 2020 11:14 pm

Score & Analysis

Features Score



Price Range : $151 - $250

Group Rank : #5( out of 8 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #13( out of 18 Window Cleaners )


Average score in Window Cleaners


Best Score in Window Cleaners



Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Suction Power (pa) 2800 2800 below average
N/A 2375 below average
Robot weight [lb] 2 3.83 Above average
2.64 3.61 below average
Warranty (months) 12 10.5 below average
6 6 Average
Max cleaning height (m) 19.6 17.5 N/A N/A 15.18 N/A
Minimum surface size 13.7 285.13 Above average
15.7 799.44 below average
Minimum operational temperature 32 32 N/A N/A 23 N/A
Maximum Operational Temperature 104 104 N/A N/A 122 N/A
Size of Window 1181 1181 below average
N/A 590.5 below average
Max Depth [inch] 0 N/A N/A N/A 0.15 N/A
Max Width [inch] 0 N/A N/A N/A 0.08 N/A
Run Time max (min) 90 90 N/A N/A 46.67 N/A
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 0 N/A Best
N/A 0 Average
Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min] 2.4 1.53 below average
1.36 1.72 below average
Noise Level [decible] 60 64 Best
60 59.65 Best
Power Consumption [watt] 10 55.71 below average
80 56.5 Above average
Time for charging (min) N/A N/A Best
N/A 75 below average


Features of Cop Rose X6 Glass Cleaning Machine

Technological innovations have made our lives easier. Multiple devices have been invented to assist us in our day-to-day activities. One such device is the Cop Rose robot x6 machine. This machine is a wonderful device that can be used to clean windows and glasses.

It is a very safe device that can be used to clean glasses of tall buildings, without risking human life. The glass cleaning machine has many amazing features, which will leave you surprised. With the most advanced features, this window cleaner is sure to make a place in your house too.

    Pressure Sensor

A very unique and interesting feature in this device is the pressure sensor. The sensor can successfully measure the real-time temperature and the pressure of the environment. With the help of this feature, it can auto-detect and increase the adhesive force.

    Quick Cleaner

This robotic cleaner works faster than many others in the market. It can clean one square meter in just 2.4 minutes. Thus, you can clean various surfaces in very little time.

    Intelligent Cleaning

The Cop Rose X6 robotic cleaner is equipped with artificial intelligence chip, infrared sensors, and 2 laser sensors too. With the help of these smart features the machine can calculate the cleaning path, auto clean the entire window, and auto-detect fringe of the window too. The smart sensors won’t let it go beyond the area you want it to clean.

   Cleaning Modes

The smart window cleaner comes with 2 cleaning modes, Z shape and N-shape. This helps it to clean all the parts of the window, giving you 99% of window coverage. You can sit back and watch it do the cleaning in a breeze.

  UPS System backup

The Cop Rose robotic window cleaner features a UPS system that helps the robot to stick to the window even in case of a power failure. Its auxiliary battery is powerful enough to last up to 30 minutes. This will give you sufficient time to take off it off the window.

There is a sound system that will alert you to take it off the window when there is power failure. For emergency purpose, there is a safety rope to save the device. This rope will be especially useful when you decide to wash the windows from outside. The safety rope will save your cleaner from crashing on the ground.

  Smart Features

This device takes care of all its systems independently. It will notify you when it finds something is wrong. It will alert you when it’s time to change the microfiber pads. These pads are washable and can be reused after cleaning.


Price History

Price history for COP ROSE X6 Window Cleaner Robot High Suction Home Window Cleaning Anti falling Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner Window Robot
Latest updates:
  • $158.40 - December 5, 2019
  • $149.76 - November 30, 2019
  • $158.40 - November 16, 2019
  • $149.76 - November 11, 2019
  • $158.40 - October 19, 2019
  • $149.76 - September 18, 2019
Since: September 18, 2019
  • Highest Price: $158.40 - October 19, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $149.76 - September 18, 2019

Additional information

Specification: Cop Rose X6 Robotic Window Cleaner

Operational Parameters
Max cleaning height (m)

Minimum surface size


Minimum operational temperature

Maximum Operational Temperature

Glass thickness

Size of Window

Works on
Coating glass

Engraved glass

Framed Windows

Frameless Windows

Reflection Glass

Rough Glass

Window Film

Safety Foil

Floor Tile

Performance-Window cleaner
Run Time max (min)

Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)

Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min]

Noise Level [decible]


Power Consumption [watt]

Suction Power (pa)

Time for charging (min)

Maximum Surface drop

Robot Height (inch)


Robot Length [inch]

Robot weight [lb]

Robot Width [inch]

Warranty (months)

Crossing a joint
Crossing A joint

Max Depth [inch]

Max Width [inch]

Wi-Fi Window

Amazon Alexa-Window

App Control-Window

Google assistant-Window

Remote Control-Window

Voice Control-Window


Safety Features
Anti-falling Algorithm

Safety Cord


Automatic stop

Adhesive type

Auto-detection of edges

Auto returns to starting point

Cleaning Route/Pattern

Pressure Sensor

Table cleaning mode

Dry Mopping-Window

Wet Mopping-Window


How affordable is this Cop Rose robotic window cleaner?

The Cop Rose X6 cleaner is reasonably priced and is more affordable than many other devices in the market. Given the host of features that it possesses its price is budget-friendly.

Can this robotic window cleaner be used on thermo pane windows?

Yes, the Cop Rose Robotic cleaner is capable of cleaning all kinds of windows and glasses of any thickness.

Does this robotic window cleaner work on flat panels like mirrors, shower doors, and glass railings?

Yes, this wonderful cleaner can efficiently clean various types of surfaces including bathroom glass, French window, glass door, ground glass, etc. You can use it on flat panels like mirrors, shower doors, etc. to get sparkling clean surfaces quickly.

Does the Cop Rose cleaner work on framed panels?

Yes, the Cop Rose window cleaner X6 is a smart device. It can auto-detect its cleaning path and sense obstacles. Thus, it can clean framed panels too.

Does this robotic window cleaner work on textured or horizontal glass?

Yes, the Cop Rose window cleaner is one of the few devices that can work well on horizontal surfaces too. You can use it on small floor areas like the bathroom floor or the kitchen table. It works well even on textured or frosted glass, provided the roughness is less than 1.5 mm.

How large is the cleaning surface?

The surface that needs cleaning should be a minimum of 15.75” x 17.75”. The maximum area is determined by the length of the power cord, which is 4 meters long. However, you can increase the length of the cord.

How strong is the suction on this robotic window cleaner?

The window cleaner is equipped with a very strong suction power of 2800pa. The pressure at the bottom of the device monitors the condition in real-time to maintain the optimal suction.

Is it safe to use this robotic window cleaner on above ground level windows?

Yes. This device is designed keeping in mind the high glass apartments. Cleaning the glass windows on a higher floor poses life-risk. In such a situation the Cop Rose robotic cleaner comes to the rescue. It has an anti-drop design that keeps it safe on the window. For added safety, the device has a safety rope feature to save it from falling.

Can this robotic window cleaner be used in extreme temperatures (hot and cold)?

No. It is best not to use the robotic cleaner in low temperatures. While using it in summers, take care to avoid humidity as it can damage the device.

Is there a battery backup/ emergency power supply? Are the batteries included?

Yes. There is a UPS system in the device that keeps it attached to the surface in case of power failure. The battery is capable of lasting for a good 30 minutes. This gives you sufficient time to take the device off the surface. Yes, it comes with built-in Li-on batteries.

How noisy is this robotic window cleaner?

The window cleaner does its job in absolute silence. It makes a sound of 60 dB that gives you clean surfaces without disturbing your other activities.

Is there a safety cord/tether?

Yes, for protecting the device from falling off high surfaces, there is a safety rope that comes with the cleaner. In case of any unfortunate circumstances, the rope will hold the device and protect it from falling.

What are the cleaning pads made of? Might they scratch my windows? Can they be reused?

The cleaning pads of this device are made with a non-cotton fiber cloth. They are soft, lint-free and do not leave behind any scratches on your window/glass. Yes, the cleaning pads are washable and can be reused after cleaning.

Is there washing fluid included? Is it special in some way?

No, there is no washing fluid included with this robotic cleaner.

How complicated is the operation?

Operating this device is a breeze. There are no complicated configurations. All you have to do is plug in the electric cable and switch the power button provided on the device. It will clean 99% of the surface effectively.

What can be controlled using the remote control?

The 2.4G wireless remote control of the Cop Rose X6 can be used to control the direction of the device. You can use the remote from a distance of 15 m. Thus, you can sit back and clean your surfaces.

How many cleaning stages does this robotic window cleaner use?

There are 2 cleaning modes that the robotic cleaner uses. One is the Z route, and the other is the N route. This ensures that all the area of the surface is cleaned thoroughly. Thus covering all-round, vertical and horizontal areas with no air void.

What maintenance is required?

For maintaining the cleaner you can wash the fiber cleaning pads when the device alerts you. This will prevent hard dirt stains from accumulating in them. The exterior of the robotic cleaner may be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.

How does the Cop Rose robotic window cleaner navigate?

The Cop Rose cleaner has an AI chip fixed in it. With the help of this, it automatically navigates through the cleaning route without any help. And with the assistance of its laser technology, it detects the safest cleaning route for itself.

Are there safety features in this robotic window cleaner? If so, what are they?

Yes, there are various safety features in the device. It has an anti-fall algorithm, automatic stop, UPS support, safety chord, and adhesive type suction too.

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