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Cop Rose X5 Robotic window cleaner

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☑ Can be controlled through an app or through bluetooth

☑ Can clean both framed and frameless windows

☑ 3 automatic cleaning routes

☑ No thickness limitations for the glass

Last updated on May 25, 2020 11:15 pm

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Price Range : LESS THAN $150

Group Rank : #1( out of 2 Products )


Average score in the group


Best score in the group



Overall Rank : #6( out of 18 Window Cleaners )


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Features Group This
Best Average Remarks Best Average Remarks
Suction Power (pa) 0 N/A Best
N/A 2375 below average
Robot weight [lb] 2.86 4.19 below average
5.51 3.61 Above average
Warranty (months) 12 12 below average
N/A 6 below average
Max cleaning height (m) 16.4 16.4 N/A N/A 15.18 N/A
Minimum surface size 387 387 N/A N/A 799.44 N/A
Minimum operational temperature 14 23 Best
14 23 Best
Maximum Operational Temperature 140 122 Best
140 122 Best
Size of Window 0 N/A Best
N/A 590.5 below average
Max Depth [inch] 0 N/A N/A N/A 0.15 N/A
Max Width [inch] 0 N/A N/A N/A 0.08 N/A
Run Time max (min) 0 N/A N/A N/A 46.67 N/A
Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft) 0 N/A Best
N/A 0 Average
Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min] 5.38 5.38 Best
5.38 1.72 Best
Noise Level [decible] 68 68 Above average
N/A 59.65 below average
Power Consumption [watt] 75 77.5 below average
80 56.5 Above average
Time for charging (min) N/A N/A Best
N/A 75 below average


Features of Cop Rose X5 Automatic Window Washer

The Cop Rose X5 is one of the most useful and easy-to-use windows cleaning tools. It uses vacuum to stick itself to the glass surface, making it useful for cleaning high windows safely. It can also clean walls, tables and the floor.

3 Automatic Cleaning Routes

The automatic window washer has 3 automatic cleaning routes to choose from. The three cleaning modes follow a different path, but can clean the whole window without leaving any corners unattended.

  • Upward Arrow- In this mode, the device first moves upward and then moves right, following a ‘Z’ shape to clean the window.
  • Rightward Arrow- The cleaner moves towards the right, and then follow a ‘Z’ pattern to clean the whole window.
  • Leftward Arrow- When you choose this route, the device moves leftward, then down and right, and repeats this motion (resembling a reverse Z) to clean the surface.

30-Minutes Battery Backup

The Cop Rose X5 Window Cleaner has an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) which helps to keep it safe in emergencies. In case there is a power failure, this battery backup enables the cleaning device to stay firmly on the window for around 30 minutes. This ensures safety.

Wireless Control

The automated window cleaner has a microcomputer which allows it to be controlled in 3 ways.

  • Remote Control- The device comes with a clearly labelled remote control with a range of 15m. This allows you to switch on or switch off the device, navigate it around the window, and choose the cleaning route.
  • Bluetooth- The window cleaner can also be operated with the help of bluetooth in your phone. You can easily control it by connecting it with your phone.
  • Mobile Application- The cleaning robot can also be controlled with the help of an application which can be installed on your mobile phone.

Suction System

The Cop Rose Automatic Window Cleaner has a two-sucker vacuum absorption suction system which ensures that the device sticks firmly to the window or cleaning surface. The vertical gravity is greater than 26 kg while the horizontal gravity is more than 13 kg. The 2 suction pumps are located on the 2 ends of the device, which increases the strength of the suction.

MEMS Detect

The cleaning robot has a MEMS (microelectromechanical system) sensor which detects the distance between the border of the cleaning surface, thus enabling the device to sense edges and frames. This makes the Cop Rose X5 capable of cleaning both framed and unframed windows.

LED Indicators

The robotic window cleaner has 2 sets of LED indicators. The one at the top has the following colour indicators-

  • Blue- Normal
  • Red- Abnormal
  • Orange- Charging
  • Green- Fully Charged
  • White- Electriferous indication

The indicator located in the middle flashes the following colours-

  • Red- Abnormal
  • Blue- Normal


Price History

Price history for Cop Rose X5 Window Cleaning Robot High Suction Window Cleaner Robot Anti falling Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner Window Robot
Latest updates:
  • $129.50 - May 8, 2020
  • $119.14 - May 1, 2020
  • $129.50 - December 5, 2019
  • $124.32 - November 30, 2019
Since: November 30, 2019
  • Highest Price: $129.50 - December 5, 2019
  • Lowest Price: $119.14 - May 1, 2020

Additional information

Specification: Cop Rose X5 Robotic window cleaner

Operational Parameters
Max cleaning height (m)

Minimum surface size

Minimum operational temperature

Maximum Operational Temperature

Glass thickness

Size of Window

Works on
Coating glass

Engraved glass

Framed Windows

Frameless Windows

Reflection Glass

Rough Glass

Window Film

Safety Foil

Floor Tile

Performance-Window cleaner
Run Time max (min)

Battery Capacity (mAh)


Cleaning Area per run (sq.ft)

Cleaning Speed [sq.ft/min]

Noise Level [decible]


Power Consumption [watt]

Suction Power (pa)

Time for charging (min)

Maximum Surface drop

Robot Height (inch)


Robot Length [inch]

Robot weight [lb]

Robot Width [inch]

Warranty (months)

Crossing a joint
Crossing A joint

Max Depth [inch]

Max Width [inch]

Amazon Alexa-Window

App Control-Window

Google assistant-Window

Remote Control-Window

Voice Control-Window


Safety Features
Anti-falling Algorithm

Safety Cord


Automatic stop

Adhesive type

Auto-detection of edges

Auto returns to starting point

Cleaning Route/Pattern

Pressure Sensor

Table cleaning mode

Dry Mopping-Window

Wet Mopping-Window


Is the Cop Rose smart window cleaner affordable?

Yes, the window cleaner is quite affordable. When you weigh it against the uses and functions it offers, it is one of the cheapest of its kind.

Can I use it on thermopane windows?

Yes, you can use the window cleaner on thermopane windows. However, you should make sure it is fully charged, and should tie the safety rope as a precaution.

Can it be used on flat panels like shower doors, glass railings and mirrors?

Yes. The window washer can be used on flat panels like shower doors, glass railings and mirrors. You can also use it to clean tables, walls, and the floor.

Can I use the Cop Rose X6 on framed panels?

Yes. The cleaner has a MEMS sensor to detect the distance between borders, which enables it to be used on framed as well as rimless panels.

Can this robotic cleaner be used on horizontal glass and textured glass?

Yes. You can use it to clean horizontal surfaces like tables and the floor. No, it is not safe to use it on textured glass as the manufacturers do not specifically mention it. It is safer to use it on smooth surfaces only.

What is the size of the cleaning surface?

29.00 x 14.20 x 11.50 cm. It can easily clean large and medium sized windows, but has been designed mostly for light cleaning, and can remove pen prints, dust, ash, and rain stains.

What is the strength of the suction in this automatic window cleaner?

The vertical gravity is more than 26 kg, while the horizontal force is greater than 13 kg. The suction is strong enough to keep the device stuck firmly to the window, making it capable of cleaning high windows with minimum risk of falling.

Can I use it safely on windows which are located above ground level?

Yes, you can easily use the device to clean windows which are located above ground level. This is safe, because the device has a powerful suction system to keep it stuck to the window, and comes with a safety rope which can support a weight of upto 30 kg.

Is it safe to use the window washer in extreme temperatures (hot or cold)?

Yes, you may use the machine for washing windows in extreme temperatures. However, it is advised that you attach the safety rope while using it, and make sure the surface is not slippery.

Does it have any emergency power supply? Does the package include the batteries?

Yes. It has an emergency battery backup which keeps it attached to the window for around 30 minutes in case of a power outage. No. The battery is in-built and thus the batteries are not included in the package. But you will have to buy 2 AAA batteries for the remote control.

Does the window cleaner cause a lot of noise?

Yes. As per customer reviews, the window cleaner is quite noisy. So it is better if you use it during daytime.

Does it come with a safety cord?

Yes. It comes with a safety rope which can be attached at both ends of the device. The tether is capable of supporting a weight of 30 kgs.

What is the material used in the cleaning pads? Can they scratch the window glass? Can I reuse them?

Natural fiber fabrics. These cleaning pads have superb absorption and adsorption capabilities, and can clean dirt, dust, oil stains, etc. No. They cannot scratch the window glass. Yes. You can wash and reuse the cleaning pads for around 180 times. After this, you will have to buy new ones as a replacement.

Does it come with any washing fluid? What is the special feature of this fluid?

No. The package does not include any washing fluid. If you want to clean the window properly, you may use any detergent or fluid of your choice.

Is the operation complicated?

No. The operation is quite simple. The device has one button for on/off, and has a remote control for other operations like navigating the device and choosing the automatic cleaning route.

What operations can I control using the remote?

With the help of the remote, you can switch on or switch off the device, navigate the device around the window, and choose a cleaning route for automatic cleaning.

What is the number of cleaning stages used by the Cop Rose Automated Window Washer?

The Cop Rose X5 window washer does not use any cleaning stages. However, it has 3 cleaning routes which can clean the window automatically.

What maintenance does it need?

To properly maintain the cleaning device, you should make sure that the cleaning pads are replaced from time to time. Avoid getting the suction pumps wet. Also, you should not try to tackle any abnormalities on your own, and immediately contact the manufacturers.

How does the automatic window washer navigate?

The window washer can navigate in 2 ways. Either you can choose an automatic cleaning route, and let the device follow it, or you can navigate the device manually through the remote control.

Does it have any safety features? If yes, what are they?

Yes. It has 2 main safety features. The first is the 30-minutes emergency battery backup system to prevent it from falling in case of a power outage. The second safety feature is the safety cord which is capable of supporting a weight of 30 kgs.


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