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Samsung Powerbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum: Hit or Miss?

The Samsung Powerbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum certainly stands out from other Powerbot series models, thanks to its innovative features and enhanced design.

With unique D-shaped design, the visual appeal of this robot vacuum sets itself apart from other circular bots you’d generally see in the market. The appearance of this robot is sleek and simple, yet it can clean the entire level of your home cleverly.

Below given is an in-depth review of this Powerbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum to help you make a definitive decision:


In terms of appearance, Samsung has left no stone unturned to make it look sleek, elegant and powerful.  Powerbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum comes in beautiful Graphite Blue color with sleek black main body.

With 14.3” length, 14.9” width and 5.3” height, this bot might have a hard time passing through all types of furniture. But certainly, it can move underneath standard sized furniture with average clearance.

Equally important, top LED panel is kept clean with just 3 touch-control buttons for quick commands viz. ‘Spot’, ‘Pause/Resume’ and ‘Dock’.

Cleaning Performance

Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum has got powerful motor which works by sucking-in air via large canister on top.

Strong centrifugal forces look like a cyclone and cause all the collected dirt, debris and dust to get separated out into an outer chamber. As a result, this unique Cyclone Force system promotes less clogging of filter and delivers long-lasting suction power.

This system is perfect for people who have thick or medium pile carpeting. That’s because, this robot can perform better than its competitors in such circumstances.

As compared to previous Samsung models, this robot has 10 times greater suction power to perform deeper overall cleaning.

Smooth Mobility

Another thing that’s better in this model is the design of wheels. Larger wheels allow the robot to smoothly transition from hard floors to carpets or door thresholds without getting stuck.


Navigation system integrated in this Samsung’s robot vacuum is intuitive and smart in its own way.

Interestingly, Samsung makes use of full HD video camera with motion detection and 9 individual sensors for smart navigation across rooms.

It can scan the settings (including stairways, walls, furniture), map its optimal cleaning path and identify obstacles smartly.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Samsung stands firm in the marketplace by implementing smart design of robot vacuums. And, this bot is no exception.

Samsung allows you to connect this model with Samsung’s Smart Home App via Wi-Fi to control your bot remotely.

You can schedule cleaning cycles, manually guide your bot in cleaning, send it to docking station, check cleaning history and many other things, all through this app.

It can even integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices to take voice commands.

Unique Combo Brush

The bottom of Samsung Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum has been integrated with an extra-wide Combo brush.

With a massive 12.2 inches of width, the suction across entire brush offers better corner-to-corner coverage as compared to other bots in the market with short brushes.

It also delivers best results in deep carpet cleaning and can capably collect pet hair with less entangling.

Large Dustbin

Most common issue found in robot vacuums of today is small dustbin size. Because of which, users have to empty the contents after every cleaning cycle to prevent the bot from pausing its work. But, that’s not the case with this bot.

It carries 0.7 Liters of whopping dust capacity, so you don’t really have to worry about emptying the bin every now and then.

Optimal Cleaning

Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum can move over all types of surfaces, be it carpets, hard floors or tiles.

It senses the type of floor and automatically delivers best cleaning performance by adjusting its suction power.

It can perform multi-surface cleaning at a speed of 12.6 inches per second without bumping into obstacles or drop-offs.

Edge Clean Master

Along with Combo brush, this innovative robot vacuum also features an Edge Clean Master.

Innovative rubber blades pop out as soon as the robot senses edges of wall or corners. This blade will drive all the dirt and debris away from edges, corners and towards the combo brush for proper vacuuming. Such technique makes sure there’s no dirt left in hard-to-reach areas of home.

Battery Run Time

Samsung Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum is battery-powered. As battery runs out, you can send the bot for recharging through Smart Home app or via touch control panel on the bot itself.

It takes nearly 160 minutes to recharge itself completely. Maximum run time of the battery is around 100 minutes, after which it would need recharging again.

9.5 Total Score
Features plus Extra Suction Power

Price Vs Value
App Experience
  • Visionary Mapping™
  • FullView Sensor™ offer smart navigation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity feature to remotely control your bot
  • Edge Clean Master for enhanced cleaning of edges and corners
  • 12.2” extra-wide brush for better coverage in just one pass
  • Large 0.7 Liter Dust Canister
  • No high-efficiency filter
  • No remote control (for who those love remote), But it can be controlled with Mobile app
  • Comes with high price tag
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The Final Word

Although the marketplace has myriads of robot vacuums flooding-in today, this particular Samsung Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum feels new due to its hi-tech design. Depending on your expectations from the bot, you need to meticulously choose your ideal vacuuming robot. To emphasize, Samsung Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum won’t disappoint you in this regard.

Not only does it offer new Wi-Fi connectivity feature, but it also makes use of powerful motor, smart navigation system, large wheels and one of the largest brush bar for enhanced cleaning of your home. Additionally, it can even sync up with Amazon Alexa for smart home cleaning through voice commands.


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