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Samsung Powerbot R9250 Review: Is it worth your Money?

The Samsung Powerbot R9250 is a feature-rich robot vacuum that encompasses most features of Powerbot R9350, except just a few. This hi-tech machine is designed to clean the entire level of your home, recharge itself and resume where it left off until it completes the job.

It performs very well on thin rugs and carpets, given its strong suction power. And, it also offers better connectivity than rest of the competitors. Thus, it counts as top-of-the-line model in Samsung’s Powerbot product range.


Let’s take a quick peek at its features:

50X Suction Power:

Top-grade suction power is the strongest feature of this robot vacuum. As has been noted, it delivers up to 50 times more suction power than similar-priced conventional robots. That too on all types of floors. Notably, it creates 30W of suction strength.

Another smartest feature is that R9250 will detect floor type to adjust its suction power automatically.

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor technology:

R9250 can create an optimal cleaning path by entirely scanning your home. Nine intuitive sensors and onboard digital camera is what helps R9250 to perform multi-room cleaning efficiently. Even in darkness, your robot vacuum will smartly avoid furniture bumps.

Coverage map will show you the areas where R9250 has cleaned. Onboard camera provides extra-wide 120° view and intelligently scans ceiling of the room. Why? This is so it can locate corners and landmarks, in order to create an optimal cleaning path.

Point Cleaning:

 By far, this is smartest and impressive feature ever found on a robot vacuum. When you need to instantly clean a spot, just point the remote’s red beam to the floor. Then? Your R9250 will promptly follow that point and clean as it proceeds there. And, that’s quite amazing!

Point cleaning feature is ideal to vacuum dander and pet hair.

Improved Battery:

Powerbot R9250 is packed with an improved 3300 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. This is what lets it run for up to 40% more than previous versions. Moreover, it also quickens the charging process.

If battery runs low, R9250 will return to its charging dock for recharging and resume cleaning where it left off. And, that’s exactly what we call “cleaning entire level of your home” as per schedule. R9250 has battery drain time of up to 100 minutes in Eco mode. Whereas, it’s total charge time is about 4 hours.

To emphasize, your PowerbotR9250 is able to perform multi-room cleaning at a speed of 12.6 inches/second.

Wireless Communication:

You can control your R9250 viz. via remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity on your smartphone. Both methods allow you to start, stop, pause/resume cleaning tasks.

For Wi-Fi connectivity, you need to install Samsung Smart Home app and sync the R9250 with your smartphone. After which, you will able to control your robot,  docking, schedule cleanings, receive push notifications and even view cleaning reports through your phone.

Apart from these two methods, you can even use buttons on LED display itself to control your bot.

Voice Commands:

Powerbot R9250 goes one step further in innovativeness as it takes voice commands from smart voice assistants.

That’s right. R9250 is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Thereupon, you can control your bot by giving voice commands.

Large Dustbin:

Though it’s a minimal feature, it still matters for those who seek convenience. A whopping 0.7 Liters of dustbin can hold up to double amount of debris, dirt, etc. than previous Powerbot versions.

Which obviously means that it does not demand frequent emptying. And, that’s a huge perk for busy owners!

Combo Brush:

Brush bar on R9250 is easier to maintain, all credits to new design of bristles.

Though it is still hectic to unclog it, this 12.2” wide combo brush will collect pet hair without much entangling. This is to make it easier for users to clean it.

EasyPass™ Wheels:

Upgraded design of wheels allow them to pass swiftly over all floor types.

Other robots might get stuck over carpets, but R9250 will automatically adjust its height as it senses transition in type of floor.

CycloneForce Technology:

Just like most of the Powerbots, R9250 also integrates CycloneForce Technology.

Powerful centrifugal forces cause the dirt and debris to flow into a separate outer chamber. Thereby, causing less clogs and enhancing overall suction power.

Filter System:

The R9250 robot vacuum uses sponge filter which is machine-washable. You will love this filtering system, if you want to have minimum maintenance cost of your robotic vacuum cleaner.

However, these filters are not HEPA-certified, nor do they prevent the environment by trapping air-borne allergens. Such filter is only capable of trapping debris and dirt, but not allergens. This is something to consider, especially if you have allergies.


Lastly, users will get to program automatic cleaning schedule in R9250, thanks to its updated design.

9 Total Score
Good and Recommended

  • Enhanced suction power
  • Performs better on thin carpets and rugs
  • Point Cleaning feature is super-convenient
  • Battery drain time is improved
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart Voice Control
  • Magnetic tape included
  • Sometimes gets stuck due to tall height
  • Does not include Edge Cleaning Master (for corners and edges)
  • Filter is not HEPA-certified
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The Final Word

Certainly, Samsung has stepped up its game with the launch of Powerbot R9250. All of the features in R9250 aim to perform better, faster and more efficient than previous versions.

It is a high-tiered, feature-packed robot vacuum in the Powerbot line of products. Encompassing most features of Powerbot R9350, this robot vacuum proves to be a great value for money.

R9250 will work best for people who want a hi-tech robot to clean thin pile carpeting and pet hair. If you don’t mind its hefty price tag, the R9250 is one of the smartest in the market!

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