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Samsung Powerbot R7040- Features, The Good, The Bad

Samsung has lured the market with its powerful and unique ‘Powerbot’ series of robot vacuums. Features list of these robots look powerful and extremely functional altogether. After R7010 model, Samsung launched their next innovative model viz. Powerbot R7040 with some enhancements.

In this review, we are going to dive into Powerbot R7040’s features and operational capabilities.

Powerbot R7040 would be an ideal mid-range robot vacuum for people who have mostly hard floors in their home, and no throw rugs or fringe rugs.

To begin with, R7040 strikes a perfect balance between smart technology, optimal cleaning and affordability.


Below given is the in-depth review of Samsung Powerbot R7040


The Samsung Powerbot R7040 is designed to be aesthetically pleasing with its sleek black body adorned with neutral grey accents.

Unique D-shape of the bot is what makes it stand out from other round-shaped bots in the market. For this reason, it can proficiently clean around corners and edges.

R7040 measures 13.4” (W) x 13.7” (D) x 3.8” (H), which makes it somewhat bulkier to pass underneath low-clearance furniture or tight spaces. But otherwise, it can easily clean under sofas, bed, tables and so on.

Smart Navigation

The unit smartly navigates across rooms, thanks to its Visionary Mapping™ technology (120-degree side angle Onboard Camera) and 9 different Smart sensors integrated into it.

EasyPass™ wheels with grip move smoothly over hurdles such as carpets.

R7040 can even sense the transition between carpet floors and hard floors. According to the type of floor, it automatically adjust its suction power for proficient cleaning.

Remote Control

Now you can control your R7040 easily through the remote control provided.

You can start, stop, pause, resume and schedule cleaning cycles through the remote control. You can even dock the robot for recharging.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Now you can remotely control your R7040 bot, all credits to its Wi-Fi connectivity feature.

All you need to do is download the Samsung SmartThings or Smart Home application and sign up or login. R7040 comes with a remote control. You can press a button on this remote to pair it with the app.

Initial setup process is extremely easy and quick.

In the mobile app, you get same benefits as a remote control but with more control options. In the app, you can see Coverage map and check which areas have been cleaned. You can even check battery status of R7040.

This bot can also integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

Cleaning Modes

Samsung Powerbot R7040 has multiple cleaning modes viz. ‘Manual’, ‘Auto’ and ‘Spot’.

As per your preference, you can schedule the robot to clean either at intervals throughout the day or at ready time schedule.

Cleaning settings of R7040 also come with 3 suction power modes viz. ‘Quiet’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Turbo’.

Turbo mode cleans your home thoroughly, but might cause extreme noise due to high suction power. R7040 will automatically switch between suction power modes as it senses a carpet or hardwood floors.

Edge Clean Master

One thing that’s quite unique about Powerbot R7040 is its Edge Clean Master feature.

Innovatively designed rubber blade extends out to pull dirt, debris, dust, etc. away from corners, edges and other such hard-to-reach areas, so it can be vacuumed by the bristles.

You will see ‘Edge’ flashing on the LED screen whenever this feature is in operation.

20X Suction Power

As compared to previous robot vacuum models by Samsung, this Powerbot R7040 has 20X more suction power for maximum cleaning benefits.

One problem here is that if you have fringy rugs or throw rugs on the floor, you need to pick it up before the Powerbot R7040 passes over it. That’s because R7040 sometimes tends to suck up corner of the rug and drag it all across the house as it cleans.

Otherwise, the robot vacuum works exceptionally well on hard floors.

CycloneForce™ Technology

Powerbot R7040 delivers consistent suction power without clogging too much.

Strong centrifugal force causes collected debris, dust, pet hair, etc. to enter into an outer chamber to maintain powerful suction.

Automatic Recharging

When the battery runs out, your R7040 will automatically return to its docking station, recharge itself and resume cleaning from where it left off, until the job is done.

Battery runtime of R7040 is nearly 60 minutes per charge.


The 0.3L of dustbin is quite small and needs to be cleaned every once in a while. The filter used in R7040 is not allergenic or HEPA certified.

But, best thing about this filter is that it is machine-washable and reusable.

Brush bar on this robot has bristles, which needs to be cleaned manually because it catches entangled hair. The brush is not self-cleaning as that in R7070.


Powerbot R7040 is backed with One year warranty period by Samsung.

8 Total Score
Good for Hard Floors

Price Vs Value
  • Uses Smart sensors and Onboard Camera for intelligent navigation
  • Ideal to collect pet hair, dirt, dust and other such deeply embedded particles
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with SmartThings app
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Includes a remote control
  • Works best on hard floors
  • Struggles with rugs
  • No virtual walls or magnetic tape provided
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Powerbot R7040 robot vacuum works exceptionally well on hard floors. Mapping intelligence, cleaning abilities and innovative technology are the main highlights of this bot.

R7040 would be an ideal mid-range robot vacuum for people who mostly have hardwood floors in their home, without too many obstacles or tight spaces. It takes quite a while to deeply clean carpets, but does its job efficiently.

Some of the features in Powerbot R7040 can be termed as groundbreaking and it delivers optimal cleaning results overall.

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