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Powerbot R9350: Most Powerful Robot Vacuum 2018

By far, Samsung Powerbot R9350 has to be the most powerful and smartest robot vacuums amongst Powerbot series models ever created by Samsung. It encompasses all the features found in predecessor Powerbot R9250, with addition of some new incredible features as well.

With 70X more suction power than its top-selling competitors, R9350 tops the list of powerful robotic vacuum cleaner to ever exist in the marketplace. It can methodically and deeply clean your entire home, recharge and resume where it left off until the job is done.

Wi-Fi connectivity, ‘Select and Go’ and Point Cleaning are some of the innovative features to look forward to in this bot.

Let’s see what all features has R9350 robot vacuum got in-store for us:

Sleek Construction

New Powerbot R9350 comes in a beautiful Ebony Copper shade with sleek black main body.

Just like other Powerbots, R9350 also has a classic D-shape design and powerful built. Long side is where the motorized brush bar is installed for better corner-to-corner coverage in just one pass.

Top LED panel allows you to set daily schedule, modify settings and it indicates maintenance messages as well.

R9350 measures 14.25” (D) x 14.87” (W) and 5.3” (H).

Extremely Powerful Suction

  • R9350 is packed with powerful motor that generates 40W of strong cyclonic suction to collect dirt, debris, pet hair and other minute particles effectively.
  • As compared to its best-selling competitors, the Powerbot R9350 delivers up to 70 times more powerful cleaning on any type of floor.
  • R9350 effectively performs deep cleaning of tiles, hard floors, low pile to medium pile carpets at a cleaning speed of 12.6 inches/second.

Wi-Fi Connectivity with ‘Select and Go’ feature

As expected in any advanced robot vacuum, R9350 also features Wi-Fi connectivity so you can remotely control it on your smartphone through Samsung’s SmartThings app. You can easily schedule up to one cleaning, each day of the week.

The bot also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Bixby or Google Assistant to take voice commands for cleaning tasks.

Newly introduced ‘Select and Go’ feature allows you to remotely select rooms you want to clean on your smartphone. Coverage Map shows you where the bot has cleaned.

Point Cleaning

With provided remote control, just point the remote’s light beam towards the spot you want to clean. The Powerbot will follow the spot and clean as it goes there.

This feature comes handy when you want to clean dander or pet hair instantly.

Visionary Mapping™ Plus and FullView Sensor™ 2.0

For smart mapping, onboard digital camera scans the interior layout of your home, including ceiling, walls and stairways to create optimal cleaning path.

Nine individual smart sensors in the bot helps it to avoid obstacles, stairways, drop-offs and minimize bumping into furnture as it cleans.

Innovative CycloneForce™ Technology

To provide long-lasting suction power, the Powerbot R9350 makes use of CycloneForce™ technology.

Strong centrifugal forces cause the collected dirt, debris and dust to pass into a separate outer chamber. This causes less clogging of filter, thereby delivering powerful suction all throughout the cleaning task.

Edge Clean Master

Unlike circular bots, R9350 incorporates innovative Edge Clean Master for optimal cleaning of edges of walls, corners and other hard-to-reach spots.

As soon as it senses corner or an edge, the bot will extend out rubber blades. These blades will push dirt away from these spots and towards the suction inlet so it gets vacuumed in.

Cleaning Modes and Suction Modes

Powerbot R9350 features 3 cleaning modes:

  • Auto Clean Mode tells the bot to automatically clean the entire space or areas you specify using Visionary Mapping™ Plus.
  • Spot Clean Mode tells your bot to clean a specific spot thoroughly within a certain radius.
  • In Manual Mode, users can use directional arrows provided on the remote control to manually guide your bot in cleaning.

Similarly, there are 3 suction modes in R9350 for optimal cleaning of all types of floor.

  • Normal Mode is probably most applicable to clean hard floors and carpets efficiently, without draining the battery. It provides medium suction power.
  • Max Mode has highest suction power for deep and thorough cleaning, especially of thick carpets.
  • Quiet Mode provides gentle suction power for times when you need less noise and light-duty vacuuming.

Combo Brush and EasyPass™ Wheels

Powerbot R9350 has got extra-wide 12.2” of motorized brush bar installed at the bottom which picks up pet hair without entangling them.

Two large rubber wheels have light-grip tread, helping the bot to smoothly transition over different surfaces and door thresholds.

Good Battery Run Time

R9350 can operate for about 90 minutes in Max-Mode and 120 minutes in Eco-mode, after which it might need recharging.

It will automatically return to its Home Base for recharging and resume cleaning where it left off until the task is done.

Cost-Effective Filter

Replacement Filter is generally very expensive and hectic to maintain.

But Powerbot R9350 comes with a washable main filter. So, not only does it save money, but is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Adding to this, there’s a dustbin with a massive 0.7 L of capacity. Thus, you don’t need to empty the bin frequently.

Magnetic Tape

Place magnetic tape in specific areas of your home where you don’t want your Powerbot to clean.

This magnetic strip is ideal to use when you want to prevent floor vases, pet food bowl or water bowl from getting knocked down.


Samsung offers 1 year warranty on the robot vacuum set and 10 Years of warranty on motor.

  • Point Cleaning feature helps in quick cleaning of spots
  • New ‘Select and Go’ feature lets you select rooms for automatic cleaning
  • 70X more suction power than other competitive robots
  • Smart sensors, onboard camera for superior cleaning
  • Auto-docking, auto-recharging and resume
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Taller than other robot vacuums
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Samsung Powerbot R9350 showcases new and exciting features you’d expect in a leading-edge robot vacuum. Till date, it has the most powerful suction strength than any other Powerbots launched by Samsung. It can deeply and methodically clean the entire level of your home in less time.

Its Visionary Mapping™ Plus and smart sensors allow to map your entire home and clean it optimally, without bumping into furniture. It is ideal to clean hard floors, tiles and low to medium pile carpets.

If you are looking for a robot vacuum packed with most hi-tech features, Powerbot R9350 would be your call!


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