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Powerbot R9000 Robot Vacuum – The Best Affordable

Samsung Powerbot R9000 Robot Vacuum falls under the category of low-priced bots. As a result, it is ideal for light-duty cleaning tasks such as hard floors, tiles and low pile carpet cleaning.

Powerbot R9000 features advanced mapping technology, a wide brush for greater coverage, a remote control, powerful suction strength and large dustbin, all at comfortable price point.

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Let’s have a look at in-depth review of Samsung Powerbot R9000 Robot Vacuum:

Powerful Suction

Powerful motor integrated into R9000 can create 5.9 Watts of suction strength. As compared to 2 previous top-selling Samsung robot vacuums, this suction strength is 10 times more powerful.

To complete its cleaning task proficiently, R9000 features 12.6 inches per second of cleaning speed. This high cleaning speed is 10 times faster than other competitive robot models.


R9000 also flaunts a unique D-shape construction for better cleaning against corners and edges. It has beautiful Graphite Black body adorned with sleek grey accents.

Furthermore, transparent dust canister and onboard camera add a touch of elegance to R9000’s appearance.

R9000 is 14.3” wide, 14.9” deep and 5.3” tall. With that in mind, it is one of the bulkiest robots as compared to other slim bots in the market.

Because of its height, it might have a hard time passing through some of the low-clearance furniture.

But, it can smoothly pass underneath average-sized furnishings such as sofas, beds, and so on.

Cool LED Display Panel features controls for:

  • ‘Auto’ and ‘Spot’ cleaning modes
  • ‘Normal’ and ‘Turbo’ suction power modes
  • ‘Dock’ mode for recharging
  • Start
  • Pause/Resume

Thus, you can easily control your robot through this display panel.

Top LED panel will also show you status about sensors, wheels, sound and battery charge.

Visionary Mapping™ Plus and FullView Sensor™

For smart navigation, R9000 makes use of an onboard digital camera. It scans the settings and maps an optimum cleaning path.

Besides, you’ll find 9 individual smart sensors integrated in the bot, including 2 bumper sensors, 3 cliff sensors and 4 obstacle sensors.

These intuitive sensors help your bot to avoid obstacles and perform precise cleaning jobs.

CycloneForce™ Technology

To aid less clogging of filter, R9000 features innovative CycloneForce™ technology. This technology makes use of strong centrifugal forces to separate out dirt into an outer chamber.

As a result, there’s less clogging and R9000 is able to deliver long-lasting suction power.

Combo Brush

At the bottom of R9000 bot, you’ll see a combo brush designed to collect pet hair along with dust and dirt.

The rotating brush loosens deeply-embedded pet hair, dirt and dust particles, even from carpets.

R9000 has 12” of wide brush, which is larger than any other brush found in Powerbot models. Such wide design allows it to cover greater space in one pass.

Washable Filter

You don’t have to stress about the maintenance of R9000 robot vacuum, as it is easy to use and maintain.

It comes with a washable main filter. So, it is cost-effective!!!

On the downside, R9000 does not include high-efficiency filter. In contrast, it might not be so adept in trapping air-borne allergens.

Large Bin

R9000 Robot Vacuum comes all-included with a whopping 0.7 Liters of large dust canister. And so, you don’t need to worry about emptying it every now and then.

The see-through large dustbin pops out within seconds for quick and easy cleaning.

EasyPass™ Wheels

R9000 has large rotating wheels that swiftly transition from hard floors to carpets, without getting stuck.

It can automatically raise and lower itself as it senses change in type of flooring.


R9000 comes assembled with a washable filter, combo brush, Lithium-Ion battery and 0.7 L of dust canister.

Besides these, you will also get a remote control (with AAA batteries), a docking station and a filter cleaning tool.

Remote Control

You will get a remote control along with your R9000 robot.

On this remote, you will find three cleaning modes:

  • ‘Auto’ clean mode: Your R9000 will clean the entire space until the job is completely done or battery runs out.
  • ‘Spot’ clean mode: Your robot vacuum will clean a specific spot across 5 foot square area in spiral motion. You need to place the vacuum at the center of the spot you want to clean.
  • Manual mode: You can direct your robot’s movements through remote control. With use of buttons, just guide it towards the area you want it to clean.

Apart from these, R9000 has two suction modes viz. ‘Normal’ and ‘Turbo’ mode.

Use your discretion to choose between these modes as per your cleaning requirements.

Automatic Recharging

Similar to advanced, high-priced robot vacuums, R9000 can sense when its battery needs recharging.

As the battery runs out, R9000 will return to its docking station and recharge itself.

10 Total Score
10 times more suction power at reasonable price

Price Vs Value
  • Combo brush is ideal to pick-up pet hair
  • Long-lasting and strong suction power
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low noise level
  • Remote control included
  • Uses 9 smart sensors and digital camera for smart navigation
  • Auto-docking and auto-recharging
  • Washable filter (I love this feature!!!)
  • Too tall than other models
  • Does not support scheduled cleaning
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity feature; No app control
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Final Verdict

Most of the times, people do not seek robot vacuum with every other advanced feature. But, they do not want to settle for a basic model as well. That’s when the Samsung Powerbot R9000 becomes an awesome settlement for you!

R9000 strikes a perfect balance between advanced technology, optimal cleaning and affordable price.

It comes with Visionary Mapping™ Plus system, CycloneForce™ technology, EasyPass™ wheels and a wide combo brush.

Only downside is that, it is not Wi-Fi enabled and you cannot schedule cleanings.

Bottom-line is, it is a fantastic entry-level bot for those who seek affordable price point in robot vacuums.

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