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Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear in All Seasons- iRobot Mirra 530

Are you tired of breaking your back cleaning your pool every other week? Is the gunk floating in your pool, making your kids hate to get into the pool? After a hard day at work, you don’t have to come back home to a dirty pool anymore! With the amazing invention by iRobot in the form of Mirra Pool Cleaner 530, you can leave all the worries behind as it does its job fantastically to give you an immaculate pool.

This amazing machine does not need much of a hand. All you need do is drop it in the pool and sit back and relax.
You can even save big on your utility bills as this fantastic iRobot product does not need installation. It doesn’t even need the help of any sort of other equipment like booster pumps, filtration system, or even hoses.


What are the Major Features of This Useful Equipment?

Do the dirt, leaves, hair, or other garbages stop you from having a relaxing evening by your pool? Stop giving in to the dirt! Get the spectacular tool – Mirra 530 robotic pool cleaner – and experience the best feeling of having a clean pool. The best feature about this machine is that it can filter and pump about 70 gallons every minute!

What are the features that assist this pool cleaner to attain such a great feat? Let’s find out.

Dual Motors

Most of the pool cleaning equipment available in the market has a single motor. Mirra 530 beats them all with its advanced dual-motor technology.
One motor is used to drive the wheels of the tool. This helps the machine to climb up the walls of the pool and get to every nook and cranny of the pool.
The other motor is responsible for driving the pump of the machine. This helps in filtering out the water and spreading the freshwater wide in the pool.

PVC Scrubbing Brush

This is the strongest and the best feature of the pool cleaner. It is connected to one of the motors. It rotates at a speed, four times greater than the navigation rate of the machine.
This fact is responsible for the spotless cleaning of the pool. This force removes all kind of stubborn dirt from the pool floor, walls, and steps giving a professional touch to your pool.

PVA Sponge Wheels

This feature gives the strongest grip to the machine from the water line to the base of the pool. Most of the pools cleaning machines in the market do not have this grip.

Gyro Sensors

Gyro sensors are absent in most of the pool cleaning machines.
This distinctive part keeps the cable untangled. The sensors sense the machine turning and prevent the cable from getting under the pool cleaner.

Top-Loading Canisters

This plastic container collects all the debris from your pool. When the cleaning is done, you can easily throw the debris away by dismantling the container from top.

iAdapt Nautiq Responsive Cleaning Technology

This ultimate feature is absent in most of the pool cleaning machines. This is responsible for the thorough cleaning of the pool.
The sensor scans your pool completely to learn the dimensions and measurements of the pool. This helps it to decide on the best route to take to give you a cleaner and fresher pool. Every time it runs across the pool, it learns your pool better to give better cleaning results.

Automated Cleaning

This is one added advantage of having Mirra 530 automated pool cleaner at home. It has a 110V socket. This enables you to connect the machine to a timer and set automatic cleaning. When you are out of home, the machine will clean the pool thoroughly at the time you have set.

8 Total Score
Nice Equipment

  • 60’ long cable
  • Powerful pool cleaner
  • 100% cleaning of the pool
  • Large filter box with access from the top
  • Responsive cleaning technology
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Used only for in-ground pools
  • Caddy not included
  • No remote controller (for those who love remote)
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Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves some quality time off in their weekends to enjoy with family. As a blessing in disguise, iRobot’s Mirra Pool Cleaner 530 does exactly that. It does the job equivalent to a professional pool cleaner.

The various technologically advanced features of the pool cleaner help it give the pool a fresh look from the top to the bottom.

It is the most powerful tool to have in the house and the easiest tool to use.

Not only does it give you all these good reasons to buy it for your pool, it also helps you in saving huge in your utility bills.

All in all, you can have peace of mind when the machine is at work as it has a tangle-free technology. Don’t miss having this technology incredibly versatile and wonderful piece of equipment at home!

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