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ilife V5s Pro-Review

When we look at all the companies who are producing cleaning appliances, iLife is an essential part of all of these companies. For years, iLife has been working to bring forward products which are not only efficient and provide amazing quality of work, but they also lie in a range which is affordable for all. V5s Pro is a cleaning bot which has emerged as a prominent and successful model in the world of cleaning bots, with all of its features which make it impressive and convenient to use.

When comparing the iLife V5S Pro to its predecessor, the iLife V5, it is obvious that the V5S Pro has some major improvements which have made the product even better than it was before. These new features include better batteries, a bigger water tank and many other things, which will be talked about while the features are being discussed.




The iLife V5S Pro includes a total of 5 IR Sensors, which also include one sensor which is supposed to be a sensor for walls. All of these sensors are said to be the “Intelligent Anti-Collision” Sensors. They prevent the cleaning bot from bumping into furniture whenever it’s cleaning the room, as these sensors will always detect where the furniture is placed.

Two-in-one Functionality

This particular cleaning bot has the ability to work as both: a cleaning mop and a vacuum. It has an amount of suction power (850 Pa) which is sufficient to collect all kinds of dust, including small as well as the bigger particles. At the same time, the mop also works wonderfully, and wipes away anything that must’ve been left behind by the vacuum.

Dirt Bin

The cleaning bot includes a dirt bin, which has the approximate capacity of about 300 ml. This is enough for everyday cleaning, and all of the dust that has been sucked in by the vacuum can be easily discarded into this bin. The bin can then be pulled out and cleaned easily whenever it gets full.

Water Tank

The water tank is added to this cleaning bot for the purpose of mopping. The bot will, first of all, use the water from the tank to wet the mop. The wet mop will them be used to pick up/wipe off any dirt on the floor. Ideally, this will leave the floors shiny and clean looking, as the mop will pick up most of the dirt on the floors.

Scheduling Feature

You can always set the bot on schedule. For example you can set it for once every day or once every week. In this way, you won’t even have to turn it on and make it clean the house.  It will also do so itself whenever it is schedules for it.


The cleaning bot uses 4 batteries, all of them lithium ion. This obviously means that this cleaning bot is really powerful. As compared to the predecessor of the V5S Pro, this is an obvious improvement because it only had 3 of these.


The bot comes with an IR remote, with which you can control just about every function of the machine. It includes directions buttons to control it manually, along with the suction power control. It also has the buttons to help you switch to the different modes of cleaning as well.

Cleaning Modes

The cleaning bot has three cleaning modes, mainly the automatic mode, the spot cleaning mode and the edge cleaning mode. All of these are pretty self-explanatory, as the spot cleaning helps you clean a particular spot. On the other hand, the edge cleaning mode helps you clean edges. The automatic mode is a very convenient mode. Use that when you want the cleaning bot to do its magic and get everything done for you.

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mopping and vacuum 2 in 1

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Mopping and Vacuuming
Edge Cleaning
Price Vs Value
Dust Bin Size
Ease to find Accessories
  • As there are more batteries included, this means that the bot will be able to work for a longer time continuously, while also being comparatively more powerful and efficient.
  • There is a newly added valve in the water tank, which will make sure that the water flow is continuous and regulated.
  • The suction power is really good for working on bare floors.
  • As the body includes no mechanized brush, it means that there will be less parts of the bot that need maintenance.
  • The cleaning bot has a low-profile design, and because of its low height it can easily go under furniture and clean even the places that aren’t easily reachable.
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • The cleaning bot doesn’t have a brush, so it can’t really clean carpets and is only good for use on bare floors.
  • The dust bin has a capacity too small, which means that you will have to clean it very frequently if you have a big house or a large space to clean.
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Final Verdict

The iLife V5S Pro is a very good product for its price. It provides you with a lot of features which are very helpful for daily use. If you have a small-moderately sized house with all bare floors, this product should be just perfect for you. In other cases, you might have to compromise on a few things, but it’s still very good for the price.

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