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Find Out All About the iRobot Braava Jet 380t

Have you ever dreamt of having a dust-free and clean house without bending your back?  With the invention of the new and advanced robotic mopping machine from iRobot, Braava Jet 380t, don’t you have to be fussy over cleaning the floors anymore?

As claimed by iRobot, with just a push of a button, can you get this robotic wonder – Braava Jet 380t – to sweep and mop your floor leaving no stains behind?

If you are searching for more information on this brilliant invention, you are in the right place. We are going to give you a thorough review of iRobot’s Braava Jet 380t.

Read the complete review on Braava Jet 380t, given below, before splashing out on it.


Learn More About Various Features of Braava Jet 380t

Check Out the Design

Braava Jet 380t is square in shape and has a sleek look around it. With the complete black look, it has blue lights coming out of the control buttons. This adds to the modern look of this incredible machine.

It is 3.1” in height, 8.5” wide, and 9.6” in length. This robotic wonder weighs about 4 pounds. The best feature about this machine is that it can turn around 360 degrees. This adds to its capability of cleaning those unreachable corners of your house.

Learn More About the Controls

On top of the machine is the sensor along with three buttons. The sensor is the main essence of this amazing robot. It collects the signal from the navigation system – Northstar. This signal helps the machine remember the places it has already cleaned.

The three buttons consist of a power button, dry cleaning mode selection button, and a damp cleaning mode selection button.

Read About the Cleaning Pad

A small cleaning pad can be attached at the front end of the bottom of the cleaning unit. Magnets help in holding the cleaning pads in place. Two of these cleaning pads come along with the machine accessories.

For your protection, this cordless device carries a warranty of one year.

Accessories Included With Braava Jet 380t

You get many useful accessories along with the unit. You need to understand the use of each of these accessories to make good use of the robotic cleaning machine.

Northstar Navigation Cube

This little useful cube is the heart of the machine. The machine uses this little cube to remember the tracks it  has covered and the places it needs to clean.

Charging Station

A machine needs charging to keep it functional. You can charge your machine to the fullest in the charging station before you can set it out for work.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad

Cleaning cloth is attached to the cleaning pad. It uses the magnetic field to attach itself to the bottom of the machine. You can use this cleaning pad to sweep off the dust and other dry debris.

Pro-Cleaner Cleaning Pad

Pro-cleaner cleaning pad also uses the magnetic field to attach itself to the bottom of the machine. This cleaning pad can carry wet or damp mop. It has an inbuilt tank that can carry water and cleaning solution.

Dry and Wet Cleaning Clothes

What is cleaning without dry and wet clothes? The accessories also include a dry and a wet cloth making it easier for you. These clothes are washable and reusable. You can use the dry cloth for sweeping and the wet cloth for damp cleaning.

The Braava Jet 380t Cleaning Technique

There are two modes in which the Braava Jet 380t works across the floor: dry cleaning mode and damp/wet cleaning mode.

In both the cleaning modes, the Northstar Navigation Cube is used to get the desirable results. This cube has to be placed in one corner of the room. From this cube, a signal streaks towards the ceiling. The sensor on the machine catches this signal and directs the machine to go in the right direction without going over the already-cleaned floor.

In the dry mode, the robot passes across the floor only once and in the wet/damp mode, the robot passes over the same spot certain times to ensure that the grime is completely removed off the floor.

What Does Braava Jet 380t Cleans?

This machine claims to be noiseless and accurate in cleaning the dirt of any hard floor. For our dissatisfaction, many tests have claimed that the Braava Jet 380t failed to effectively clean soda, oil residue, and grouts.

Except few of these faults, the machine can efficiently clean the mud, dust, hair, honey, and other grime off the floor, more efficiently in damp/wet mode than in dry mode.

One very disappointing fact about the machine is that it is very slow in cleaning the floor. It has a runtime of 150 minutes.

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  • Great battery life
  • Supports the use of third-party microfiber pads
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Soundless machine
  • Doesn't automatically move to the charging dock
  • Scheduling automatic cleaning not available
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Final Thoughts

For those of us who want to save the dusting and mopping time, and dedicate it somewhere useful, Braava Jet 380t is an incredible product to have at home.

One flaw of this brilliant machine is that it does not has the feature to schedule cleaning and returning to the charging dock automatically. This means you have to manually take the machine in your hand from time to time. This beats the purpose of it being a robot.

With these few faults and flaws, the robot mop has delivered some good results in terms of cleaning the floors. For your daily cleaning (for routine touch ups), iRobot Braava jet 380t could be your friend.

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