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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 review – The robovac with a difference

Daily household chores of cleaning and mopping can often become monotonous. However, with the robotic vacuum cleaners, regular cleaning has become a lot easier. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners have become increasingly popular ever since their advent in the late 1990’s. Most popular automated Vacuum cleaners today work quite well and meet standard floor cleaning requirements. However, most of them aren’t able to mop. This is where the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 gets an edge over the other cleaners.

This Robotic cleaner can clean as well as mop. Moreover, this robot is power packed with a host of superior features. Hence, Ozmo 930 is one of the most updated robot vacuum cleaners in the market today.


Exterior design

  • The Ozmo 930 is circular in shape. It is 14 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. This Ecovac is not very tall. It can easily glide under tables and other furniture.
  • The sensor is a circular round protrusion on top. This Ecovac primarily uses the sensor for mapping the surroundings. This top protrusion however at times doesn’t allow the cleaner to slip in under sofas and low bottomed tables.
  • There is a bumper in front of the robot. It effectively acts as a shock absorber in case the cleaner bump into the walls.
  • The cleaner also has an ‘auto’ button on top. It starts and stops at the press of this button. There is also a small Wi-fi connectivity indicator beside it.
  • There are two rotating brushes beneath the cleaner. It also has two rotating circular brushes on the sides. These brushes clean all dirt from the edges.
  • There is also a separate section for attaching the microfiber cloth for mopping. The two cloths comfortably fit in the mopping plate. With the cloth attached, Ozmo 930 now goes into mopping mode. The source of water supply is an in built water tank in the Ecovac. There is a small pump and a water pipe through with the water flows and moistens the cloth.
  • The cleaner has a small bin of 0.47 liter capacity. It is advisable to empty the bin after one or two rounds of cleaning.
  • All the brushes and filters of the cleaner are detachable. Users should replace the filters, brushes and wash the mopping cloths at regular intervals. They should also replace the cloth after every 50 washes. This will ensure smooth functioning of the cleaner.
  • The pop out handle allows users to conveniently carry the cleaner.
  • The cleaner comes with a charger. The robot starts getting charged once the charging cable is attached to the power socket.


Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 robotic cleaner comes with a host of superior features. Here’s taking a look at them.

  • Ecovacs App integration

This Robot vacuum cleaner works with the Ecovacs app. Users simply have to download the app on their phones or tablets and they are good to go. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Users can set up their automatic cleaning program. They can also specify which rooms or particular areas need cleaning. The app allows users to set up a virtual boundary line. The robot exactly knows its limits in this manner. The app also tracks the progress of cleaning. Users can also create a cleaning schedule and appoint specific days and time for cleaning.

  • Smart mapping

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 starts mapping its surroundings once it is ready for use. The robot maps the entire floor plan in the first round of cleaning. Users should ensure that the floor is cleared of wires and other small things. This will enable the robot to move freely. The Ozmo 930 will know exactly how much it has to clean once the mapping is done. Users can also specify particular areas from the map which need or don’t need cleaning.

  • Superior cleaning

The vacuum suction of the Ozmo 930 gives a superior cleaning performance. It has a good suction power and cleans up all dust on the floor. The vacuum cleaner also effectively cleans dirt, hair and small particles caught in carpets. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 can get entangled in wires, cables and other stuff lying on the floor. Hence, users should always remove such items from the floor before cleaning. The robovac quite efficiently squeezes into the edges and gaps between furniture and cleans all dirt. The direct suction attachment proves very effective for cleaning stuff like pet hairs from carpets. This feature comes handy for users with pets.

  • Mopping

The Ozmo 930 can mop hard floors as well. Users first need to fill the small detachable water tank with water and fix it in position. Then they have to just attach the mopping plate with the microfiber cloth. This robot floor cleaner now knows that it has to mop the floor. It starts its mopping and mops all the designated areas.

  • Floor Sensing

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 comes with an excellent floor sensing technology. Once the Robot is in the mopping mode it will automatically avoid areas with carpets. It will go about with its mopping on hard floors. Again when it functions as a vacuum cleaner on carpets, it increases its suction power. Hence, users don’t have to worry about constantly changing modes.

  • Smart home integration

The Ozmo 930 is fully compatible with today’s smart home technologies like Google Home, Alexa or Amazon Echo. Users can simply give commands to their Alexa or Google Home to control the cleaning operations.  This robot will listen to Alexa and act according to the instructions.

  • Voice status updates

This robot vacuum constantly keeps users updated about the cleaning. It gives out voice messages like ‘I am cleaning’, ‘I am suspended’, ‘Cleaning paused’ and ‘I am relocating’. It also says ‘I am starting a new cleaning cycle’ at the start of each cleaning program.

  • Decent battery life

Once the Ozmo 930 is fully charged it runs for a full 110 minutes. This is quite a lot of time to clean all rooms of a spacious flat.

7.4 Total Score

  • The best thing about the Ozmo 930 is that is both mops and cleans.
  • The app integration makes this robotic cleaner very user friendly.
  • The excellent mapping feature makes cleaning very convenient.
  • It’s a fully updated automatic vacuum cleaner with latest technologies.
  • Deebot Ozmo 930 has an amazing battery life of 110 minutes.
  • The cleaner cannot be lifted and moved to newer areas.
  • It cannot climb over little higher thresholds.
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Final Verdict

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 is good at both vacuum cleaning and mopping. This will definitely save some time of users who want to regularly mop and clean their floors. Moreover, this automatic Vacuum cleaner comes with a host of excellent features. The superior app integration is definitely a big boon for users. Managing the entire cleaning program becomes a lot easier. Its cleaning and mopping performance is also quite good. Hence, this amazing robotic Vacuum cleaner is definitely worth the buy. It will prove even more helpful for users who have a lot of cleaning and mopping tasks every day.

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