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DEEBOT N79S Review: All about Newer Version

ECOVACS is a well-recognized company that manufactures hi-tech vacuum robots for your home. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 robot became one of the best-selling, extremely popular model amongst users, mainly because it flaunts features similar to Roomba robots but at a reasonable price. Owing to such humongous response, ECOVACS went one step further and launched the all-new DEEBOT N79S model, an improved version priced quite affordable. We believe, this is one of the best value robot vacuum Cleaners in the market.

All the features are very much alike to N79, but this one integrates with Alexa and has Max Mode Suction Power.



  • Just like N79, the newer DEEBOT N79S remains sleek and stylish with 13.9” diameter circular body.
  • ECOVACS offers this model in classic black color with anti-scratch, brushed-metal top.
  • The metallic top is kept clean, as it only features “Auto” button and Wi-Fi indicator light. The power switch is located on the side of the bot.
  • N79S flaunts a sleek, classy and low-profile look. It measures just about 13.9” x 13.9” x 3.3”.

Hardware Design

At the bottom, there are 2 spin brushes and 1 roller brush installed for adept cleaning. Two spinning brushes reach out to the dirt at edges and corners of walls. Thereupon, directing it towards rotating brush for sucking it in.

Nose wheel and two large tread wheels help the bot to roam across the floor, even over thresholds.

Infrared sensors are housed at the front. Whereas, removable dustbin makes its way to the back of N79S.

The dust tray is not big enough, and your DEEBOT N79S will beep three times when it gets full. Even the brushes detach in no time, for quick cleaning.

ECOVACS includes a tiny cleaning tool for brushing out debris and dirt from filters and brushes. And, you can even use it to cut entangled hair from the main rotating brush.

Being 3.3 inches tall, the N79S swiftly passes underneath furniture, kitchen cabinets, and chairs.

Remote Control

The N79S robot comes with a remote control for your convenience. It has a monochrome display that shows time. The panel features an array of buttons for various controls such as Wi-Fi setup, scheduling, cleaning modes, setting remote’s clock, etc.

“Max Mode Cleaning” feature increases the suction power of the bot by 2X. This comes handy whenever you are using the remote control or app.


With ECOVACS app, you can virtually control your N79S anytime, from anywhere.

The app is well-designed and requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

The main screen of the app shows battery power, the current status of your Deebot N79S, a large remote controller pad and 5 buttons (for cleaning modes).

Following are the cleaning modes in this robot:

  • Auto Mode: Auto Mode is aimed to clean the entire level of your home in a straight pattern. If it senses an obstacle, it will change its way. Although N79S is quite random, in Auto Mode it cleans very efficiently.
  • Edge Mode: When in this mode, your DEEBOT N79S patrols around the corners and edges of the room to clean them thoroughly.
  • Spot Mode: Spot Mode will allow the bot to clean a specifically dirty area of a room. It slowly cleans the spot in a widening spiral motion.
  • Room Mode: Room mode is just like Auto mode. The only difference is that it is aimed to clean a particular room with the door closed.

The fifth button viz. “Charge” will send your robot towards dock for recharging.

Personal Assistant:

The main highlight of N79S is that it integrates with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. Thus, now you can give voice commands to the bot to make it start/stop cleaning or return to charging dock.

However, the robot struggles a bit while taking commands from Google Assistant.

Smart Sensors

The front protective bumper is housed with anti-collision, anti-drop sensors, intended to protect the robot from accidents.


The battery runtime on this bot is tested to be 95 minutes. ECOVACS provides a charging dock along with DEEBOT N79S for a quick recharge.

Your N79S will automatically return to the dock when its battery runs low.


Generally speaking, DEEBOT N79S performs quite well in picking up dirt, dust, debris, and even pet hair. It does a good job in cleaning thin carpets and throw rugs as well. Despite its powerful suction, the robot is impressively silent and unobtrusive during operation.

The only downside is that the roller brush needs to be regularly cleaned for optimal performance.

Air Filtration

High-Efficiency filter is located right inside the tray. You can easily pull it out, clean it and reinsert it within seconds.

ECOVACS includes an extra filter in the package, in case you need to replace it.

Air filtration system in N79S is able to capture minute air-borne particles. Thereby, reducing allergens, dander and dust mites present in your home.

ECOVACS backs their best value robot vacuum, i.e. DEEBOT N79S model, with 1-year warranty.

8.5 Total Score
best value robot vacuum

DEEBOT N79S is an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a smart vacuum robot. It offers myriads of smart features, at a much lower price than its competitors. Keep in mind that, if you use Nest, Apple, Samsung or Wink smart home devices, then DEEBOT N79S is not for you! And, it tends to perform poorly on thick carpets.

  • Integrates with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant
  • Remote control/ECOVACS app is convenient
  • Allows time scheduling
  • An array of smart sensors, soft cushion bumpers prevent collision
  • Silent operation
  • 1-year warranty
  • No virtual walls or Boundary markers
  • Not for serious deep cleaning
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Final Verdict

We conclude that ECOVACS N79S does a great job in cleaning hardwood/laminate floors, tiles with thin carpets or throw rugs. It has an amazing battery runtime of 95 minutes. Thus, it can efficiently clean a large room without unnecessary pauses.

Heaps of cleaning modes allow for efficient cleaning. The bot navigates smartly all across with the help of integrated sensors. N79S integrates fairly well with Alexa as well. N79S is the best choice for people looking to get their very first smart robot vacuum.

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