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Deebot 900 review: A top quality, budget friendly robot vacuum cleaner

The Deebot 900 is one of the most recent additions to the range of Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaners. Like most of the Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaners, this one too comes with superior features. Moreover, Ecovacs has also upped the direct suction power with this latest robot vacuum cleaner. This makes the Deebot 900 ideally suited for homes with wall to wall carpet floors or pets. The Deebot 900 gives a good cleaning to hard floors as well.

The user friendly design, smart mapping and seamless app integration makes Deebot 900 the preferred cleaner of many users.


Exterior design

  • Shape: The Deebot 900, like most other robot vacuum cleaners is circular in shape.
  • Colour: The cleaner is white in colour.
  • Size: Deebot 900 has a diameter of 13.27 inches. It is 3.74 inches in height. The Deebot 900 cannot enter thresholds higher than 18mm.
  • Weight: The cleaner weighs 3.5kg.
  • Bumper: There is a bumper in front of the cleaner which protects it from obstacles. It acts as a shock absorber when the cleaner bumps into obstacles.
  • Buttons: There is an Auto button and a wi fi LED indicator on top. Deebot 900 begins a standard cleaning cycle when users press the ‘Auto’ button.
  • Bin: The dustbin of the Deebot 900 has a capacity of 350ml. It is covered by a lid on top. There is a plastic handle which users simply have pull out to take out the bin. Users should clean the bin after every one or two cleaning cycles.
  • Filter: The HEPA filter of the Deebot 900 is removable and completely washable. Users need to take out the filter and wash it at regular intervals. Users also get an additional filter and bin on purchase of the Deebot 900.
  • Brushes: The brushes of the Deebot 900 lie underneath.
  • Side brushes: There are two side brushes which possess three projections each. This helps the cleaner to brush the dirt from the edges.
  • Bar brush: The bar brush is positioned at the centre. This brush works best for vacuum cleaning carpets. It effectively removes hair and pet hair from the carpets. This however can result in hair getting entangled in the brush.

Users will have to remove the brush and clean it before using it for the next cycle. It is recommended that users remove the bar brush and use the direct suction mode for cleaning hard floors.

  • Base: The cleaner robot comes with a charging base which further connects to a power socket.


  • App integration

The seamless Ecovacs app integration allows users to go completely hands free while controlling the cleaner. All Android and iOS users can download the app. The app allows users to start, stop or pause a cleaning cycle. Users can also schedule a clean and keep track of the cleaning progress. They can specify particular areas to be cleaned. They can also set up virtual boundaries if they want to restrict the cleaner’s entry to certain areas.

  • Smart Mapping

The Deebot 900 comes with an excellent mapping technology. It maps the entire floor plan in its first run. The cleaner seamlessly maps the entire surroundings and a live map appears on the app. Deebot 900 automatically updates the map in every cleaning cycle. The robot vacuum however cannot enter little higher thresholds. It however recognizes that there is a room within and adds the space to the map.

  • Different cleaning modes

The Deebot 900 has users sorted for cleaning different types of surfaces. Cleaning hair and pet fluff off carpets is a breeze with the Deebot 900. The different cleaning modes allow users to clean all kinds of surfaces with ease. The direct suction power can be increased while cleaning carpets.

With ‘spot clean’ the Deebot 900 cleans a particular spot which needs deeper cleaning.

Users can enable the ‘continuous clean’ option if a large space requires cleaning. In this mode, the cleaner with start, recharge and then again resume with the rest of the cleaning.

The ‘Do not Disturb’ mode enables the ‘no cleaning’ mode. In this mode, the robot vacuum ensures that no cleaning takes place, even the scheduled cleans are not carried out.

  • Battery

Deebot 900 comes with a battery power of 3000 mAh. Hence, the robot vacuum can run for a maximum of 90 minutes. The battery lasts for about 45 minutes if users enable the ‘max’ setting. The Deebot 900 takes around four hours to get fully charged.

  • Anti drop Sensors

Deebot 900 is equipped with three kinds of anti drop sensors. These sensors can automatically detect any kind of obstacles bigger than 3.1 inches. So, the cleaner can easily identify obstructions like walls and stairs. It also avoids small items like toys left on the floor and goes on with its cleaning.

  • Seamless smart home integration

The Deebot 900 works smoothly with smart home technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant.  Users need to sign into their Ecovacs account and go online on the app. They will then have to connect their cleaner to Alexa or Google Assistant. Users should enable the ‘Deebot’ or ‘Ecovacs skill’ on the Google Assistant or Alexa app respectively. Users can then simply give instructions to Alexa or Google Assistant asking it to control the cleaner.

  • Excellent cleaning performance

The Deebot 900 gives a good clean to almost all kinds of surfaces. The different cleaning modes and enhanced suction power guarantees superior cleaning. The robot vacuum at a height of 9.5 cm, also easily slips under most cabinets and furniture. Thus, every nook and corner of the home gets a good cleaning.

  • The Deebot 900 comes with enhanced direct suction power for superior cleaning performance.
  • The robot vacuum is not very noisy.
  • It is an updated cleaner equipped with latest technologies.
  • The excellent mapping and app integration makes Deebot 900 very user friendly.
  • Deebot 900 can map only a single floor plan at a time.
  • The 90 minute battery life of the cleaner is a little less.
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Final Verdict

Like all other Ecovacs cleaners, the Deebot 900 too doesn’t disappoint users. This cleaner gives excellent cleaning performance on most surfaces. Moreover, this robot vacuum has given particularly good results in cleaning carpets. The Deebot 900 cleans low to medium pile carpets quite well. All kinds of hard floor surfaces get a perfect cleaning with this cleaner.

With seamless app integration and navigation, this cleaner is very user friendly too. Users no longer need to go for high end cleaners for superior cleaning. The Deebot 900 will be the perfect choice for users looking for a top quality, budget friendly product. Overall, this one is an excellent robot vacuum which is definitely worth going for.

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